The Abyssal Siege

The Conflict


Ten thousand years after the Celestial Calamity the Kriosyn Delegation's power had risen and they inhabited the entirety of the Abyssal Chambers. Under their rule the Vampyrum had been driven from their ancestral home, the Echo Caverns with the only Vampyrum still alive in the chambers having been enslaved by Siv and his Delegation generations ago.    Under the guidance of the ancient Molo'chorr Drazzniet, elders of the Mezznian Molo'chorr and the Vampyrum laid out an attack plan to retake their home and end Siv's bloody rule.    Over the next year, they assembled their legions and sought the aid of the Agaun'di who had been recent targets of Delegation raids. The Agaun'di would not be able to enter the Chambers themselves due to the toxic gasses, but they agreed to serve as healers.

The Engagement

The invasion last nearly a month with the Delegation being pushed back into The Grottos as they swarmed to protect their rookeries. The the invading armies were finally able to breech the chambers, they realized how far Siv's evil had grown. Greeted with the heavy metallic stench of blood, they saw the entirety of the Grottos had been converted into a massive blood fed rookery. Thousands of eggs, nourished by the blood they were bathed in, lined the walls of every chamber they entered.    Siv's Sanguine Abbots twisted the blood around them to their will, using it as a weapon to strike down their enemies with conjured blood spikes or siphoning the blood straight from their enemies wounds only to use it to kill another.      The final battle consisted of four waves of assault from the surface. The warriors fought for two weeks in the  with the heavy smell of copper clinging to everything around them. One by one, the Abbotts fell until only Siv, the Sanguine ARchimandrite himself was left to find an kill. However, despite months of searching every crack and crevise, Siv was never found.


In the aftermath of the battle, the Chasm River ran red for a month as the blood the Delegation had hoarded away to feed their young was drained and allowed to return to the natural order.


With the Kriosyn Delegation eliminated, the Mezznian Molo'chorr moved back to their home in The Grottos with the Vampyrum returning to the Echo Caverns.    While there has been no sign of Siv since the invasion, there are rumors that he survived the attack and is rebuilding his forces in secret.
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