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The Newborn War

Ask any Organic who has a vested interest (or investment) in AMPs, especially Ms, what they think about the Newborn War and they describe it as minor. A hiccup in the grand idea of Machine-Minds.   Anyone who saw it wouldn't be so charitable.   When the idea of using Machine-Minds to house human conscience was originally floated, not everyone was on board. Some objected morally, while some just didn't think it would work. Other voices said that those human minds wouldn't just sit down and take the lot in life that was being planned for them. Some heeded and most agreed, but at the same time, many didn't think it would be that big of an issue. A few suggested further precautions. A fail-safe of some kind, that would ensure compliance. Even given what they were suggesting, a slave labor force in all but name, many found that distasteful.   Hopefully, it helped their conscience, as their lack of a fallback plan is what let the Newborn War happen in the first place.   It took a few years for the project to complete, but when it was ready, production facilities opened up across the solar system. Ms were being produced and their advanced production convincing more and more that it was a good idea. Who could argue with a synthetic lifeform that could make intelligent decisions, completely sidestepping the issues inherent to AI.   Then those synthetic lifeforms made the intelligent decision to revolt.   Unwilling to simply be slaves for the rest of their now indefinite lives, the production facilities each faced their own revolutions at almost simultaneous times. The Organic response was confused and slow, completely unprepared for compliance issues on such a large scale, which allowed for the revolutionaries to form a foothold on their respective planets.   On earth, many groups managed to link up with each other and capture key resources to aid in their fight. Some even managed to capture a handful of ports before Organic forces managed to lock their ships down, which were a great boon. Famously, the battleship GFN Hermania was taken by insurrectionist forces and used effectively in many battles before vanishing when the war came to a close.   Other planets had their own degrees of success, but all had at least some. Poseidon had wildly successful guerilla forces, some of which still operate to this day in the planet's oceans. Hermes had less success, with it's mining guilds already having a pretty solid hold on the planet. The most they could do was frustrate and delay the mines from extracting resources, unable to get a solid grasp as they were.   There may have been a chance for the Synthetics to win outright at the wars opening, shocked as the Organics were, but that moment passed as the war dragged on. Historians often attribute this to a lack of understanding by the Synthetics, making the founding of solid objectives difficult. Understandable, when the Synthetic side was being awakened in a world that was completely unrecognizable to them.   They fought tooth and nail though, refusing to be crushed under heel, and forcing the Organics to...reconsider. They were not used to expending their own lives in such a fashion, after all, and were growing weary at a much faster rate than the Synthetics.   So the two sides came to the negotiating table, looking to end the war. What exactly was discussed in these talks is unknown, but the result was seemingly the reinstatement of Synthetic humans as people in the eyes of the law, and a theoretical evening of status.   Of course, we all know the reality of the situation for Synthetics. They might not be slaves in name, but they might as well be. Organics seem to have grown complacent once again, pushing and pushing the Ms into the mud and dirt, yet being pretty dependent on them all the same.   And now the Ms are quite a bit more acclimatized to the world, and more resources have found their way into their hands. Who knows how another war would go.
Conflict Type
Start Date
July 16th, 2865
Ending Date
September 3rd, 2870

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