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The Æsheland Rebellion

A conflict that erupted in  Æsheland, a large number of the people in the Arcanian Hegemony half of the city decided that they wanted to break away. That they would either go their own way or join the northern alliance. The alliance, decided that they wouldn't argue. This was led by a religious faction that followed Mirisylli the goddess of invention. This led to a battle that nearly brought the world to open war. The fist strike against the power of the hegemony actually would have crippled the hegemony garrison but the act was stumbled upon just in time. A guard had just wondered off his assigned patrol, and found a suspicious package, he called in a mage to check the package, who recognizing the bomb, used a multi layered wall of stone spell to create a explosive disposal vault to channel the explosion strait up into the air and cracking the 20 foot thick funnel to the point it crumbled shortly after the boom. This explosion was the signal to take out troops outside the base, but it failed, and this led to a slightly longer than a month war that cost thousands of live, civilian, rebel, and soldier alike. On the cusp of the Alliance sending in troops, the druids, having had enough of the fighting on what was meant to be a diplomatic zone, stepped in and forced the issue.

The Conflict


In the days leading up to spring a group of people who wanted change, to be allowed make and use any object you want. So these people sought out aid in this, the people that lived just a little north had this right.


Guerilla tactics up against entrenched military positions, and attacks on patrols.


The southern half of the city behind an effective dmz.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
the southern half of the city relaxed some of the prohibitions on technology.

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