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Not so far from a world of amazing magic and fantastic events, a colony long forgotten stands on an unforgiving world. Separated by stellar distances from their progenitors, the people try and survive. Their progenitor kept separate for the time by action of the gods. One day soon contact may be reestablished.   To the north an alliance formed by those gifted in the craft of technological and bioengineered wonders. Mechanical might produced by mythic foundries that are scattered across the land. Vat grown monstrosities and tempered constructs stride forward to face the magical might of their foes.   The south ruled by by magiothiocracy. Fonts of power erupting forth to empower the expansion of the gift as it is called. Mighty knights powered by faith and arcane knowledge stride forth to defend the faith of Arcania. A religion founded on the principle that the separation between divine and arcane is a lie.   In the middle march stands the verdant waste, where the druids stand against both tech and gift wielders. Nurturing the new wilds and trying to preserve the native life, as an endless war seems to be waged all around them.


Fell of the dispoiler

Pathfinder 1e

A investigation of strange happenings in the area