A moderately large city on Aurandane, a major trade hub that has a primary export of grain and exotic fruit. It is ruled by a provincial council.


Diverse population with over 30 sentient species with significant populations. Both a mix of natives and off worlders


Provincial council that manages the area, answers to a Duke that is not currently in the area because he is activated in the military currently


City walls are fortified stone thirty feet tall with crenelated battlements and tall machicolations, with adamantine rods drove 20 feet down. The walls have been fortified magically to resist a great deal extra and even self repair given time. A city shield has recently been added but has been untested.

Industry & Trade

A hub for the local farming communities, most of the trade for the region routes through here. The city is capable of self maintenance of food supply because it covers 476 square miles and has reasonable roads, rivers and canals to allow quick travel through out the city.


Features include lights, electricity, sewers, nuclear fusion reactors, bathhouses, constructers, multiple star ports, fortified walls and a castle that currently acts as a meeting point and military coordination center.


A wide variety of valuables that is immensely diverse.

Guilds and Factions

The agriculture guild is an immensely powerful guild in this city, and has much power beyond because of the fact that a tenth of the grain and and a third of the fruit grown in the south passes through this city. The warders guild has a notable presence but that has been mostly due to preparations to make an expedition into the Chenga Mountains hoping to broker a deal with the dragon nation.


Planes with several minor rivers. Several minor copses of trees dot the area in and around the city.

Natural Resources

lumber, arable soil, there was a mine to the west but it has not seen much use as the platinum that was dug up there is no longer needed.
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