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Bailien's Crook

In Verlaine this famous prison has stood as a symbol of law enforcement for hundreds of years. Its a three hundred meter spire that is eighty meters across at the base. The Crook is impregnable to external teleportation and scrying and can only be enter from a single entrance at the ground level. This is achieved through the walls being lead lined and a copper mesh is lining the walls beyond that. Prisoners are divided up based on the severity of their crime, with minimum security on first 10 floors, and the intensity of the crimes going up from there. Only minimum security is allowed visitors and the visitors are thoroughly checked, vetted, inspected, and marked with a temporary mark of justice, which enforces obedience of the rules of the prison. The top 4 floors are held for death row inmates and can only be accessed by localized teleportation keys. Any who pass away inside the prison are cremated, their remains then hollowed so that they can not be revived.

Purpose / Function

A impregnable prison meant to be a great show of the justice system at work


Cells are six by six by ten and have a single wide bed with a small toilet and sink. The central area of every level is a small work out area with sun lamps.


One entry on the ground floor, there is a elevator that can reach all but the top 10 floors but the teleportation keys are scrying sensors are primary tools of the guards.


At one point the top floor had no roof only antiflight wards. It was deemed to cruel to keep it this way.


A tall Black stone tower with lead sheaving and copper mesh styled with near seamless contours as the stones were fused through magic.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Crook
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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