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Rhuna Castyna (Rune-Ah Cast-Ina)

Rhuna has a medium bob cut silvery blue hair and soft amber eyes, and an unusual scar on her arm. Rhuna has retired from adventuring hanging up her enchanted saber and settled down in the city of Verlaine and runs a small Inn named the Buttered Oyster in the district known as Rannulas Plaza. The unusual scar resembles a thin, stretched screaming face if you look at it from a certain angle. She always wears long sleeved dresses that cover her arms completely. The strange thing is that while she was adventuring, she helped to slay a strange undead creature, and in its death throws it struck her arm tearing off the bracer she wore and gashing her arm badly. For several days her lower arm lacked mobility even after being healed. The scar darkened on her arm and she was concerned that maybe she had an infection. In truth she found that while not truly curse, spirits and other ethereal undead began to be attracted to her. They were docile once they encountered her and even eventually began to fade after they meet her. What has actually been happening is that her scar is a sink for the unnatural energies that form these ghost and spirits, and that the energy is invigorating her and slowing her aging to an unfathomable degree. She has noticed this and through research has connected the dots.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A retired adventurer marked by an undead in its death throws, she has run an inn for the last few hundred years. Her time as an adventurer she delved ancuent ruins that were likely constructed by a race that no longer lives on Orgranys with strange objects and a fair bit of gold coinage. The coins were unusual in that they were about five times the normal size and were embosed with images that cause eye strain in most mortal races. It was in one of these delves into the deep and dark places that the scar on her arm was made.

Gender Identity



straight single and currently not looking


Student of the Flitting Reed Sword school, a saber combat school. Received her general education in the public school system. Graduated in the middle of her class.


Former adventurer. Current Inn Keeper.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Made some interesting finds in her deep delves into the dark including art artifacts, large strange coins, and even some strange artifacts that had no discernable purpose.

Failures & Embarrassments

Getting her arm torn up made it difficult to continue her swordsmanship, though in the intervening years she has recovered much of her mobility and has from time to time offered aid to adventurers in the form of training.


Will not eat land meats that have not been slaughtered in a sanctified area. Will not use the blood of an animal as part of a dish.
Current Location
Date of Birth
silvery blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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