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The Telshain Upheaval

“Tell me the story of The Telshian Upheaval.”   “The end of our first Doki's royal line, Telshia Manglyeong? Now that, my child, is a story that has more questions than answers. No one was surprised when it happened, not really. I mean, certainly, no one was expecting it to happen the way it did. But they just weren’t surprised at the outcome when the cloud settled is all.  Doki Lakin, who worshiped The Demiurge, had been ruling for a long time and ruling well. She had a retinue of advisors at her side. Chief among them was Kila Sha'ut, who worshiped The Steward. Now Kila and the Doki rarely saw eye-to-eye, but they both believed in ruling for the good of Telshia.”   “I wish our current ruler believed that.”   “Hush, such things should never be spoken. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the biggest disagreement between the two was the subject of the royal line. Doki Lakin was getting older and had yet to bear an heir. Kila, ever the strategist, wanted her to declare an heir and secure the royal line - just in case. The Doki was reluctant. She trusted that The Demiurge would ensure it would continue directly from her.   “As the arguments continued, they grew more intense. Kila began to be seen less at the Doki's side and more with a strange man no one had seen before.”   “The Man with the Silver Tongue?”   “If you know the story already, then why ask me? Interrupting is rude. But yes, the Man with the Silver Tongue. To this day, no one knows anything about this man or what became of him. All that is said is that he was handsome and spoke with words that could call forth the Silver Winds of Da’At. Ridiculous nonsense, of course, but that is what the accounts say.   “The more Kila associated with this man, the greater her arguments became with the Doki. Finally, after one particularly nasty argument, she kicked Kila out of the court. Kila left the castle in disgrace using the old servant’s entrance through the storage room.”   “Do you mean the one the Waking Night Attendants go to every sunset?”   “Yes. Though here is where the accounts differ. Some say she went into the storage room alone; others say that she came out with the man. However, most accounts say she spent some time in the room.”   “What do you think?”   “I think the man must have been waiting for her in the room.”   “But how would he have known she would be disgraced that day and leave the castle through that room?”   “Hush or no supper for you.”   “Yes, ma'am.”   “That night, Telshia shook, and the ground beneath the castle trembled and rose. The water in the lake surrounding the castle boiled and released a thick steamy noxious cloud. Everyone in the city was screaming and hollering, pandemonium and chaos ruled the streets. When the rumbling quieted and the cloud dispersed, they discovered that the island upon which the castle was built was three feet higher than before, and all its inhabitants, including the Doki and her advisors, were dead.   “No one knew what to do until Kila appeared. She took charge and began restoring order to the city. She walked the city streets, even the streets of Trajet Toa, calming everyone's fears and helping where she could. She ensured healers were available to everyone that needed it. She prepared and conducted a monumental royal funeral for the Doki and her court. It is said she didn't sleep for days. So, when she came forth with the stranger by her side and declared herself the new Doki, no one was surprised. Not really.”   “Wow, I would have liked to have seen the ground shake and tremble."   “Ah, youth. Now off to bed with you.”
— Mother telling a story to her child

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