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Trajet Toa (tra'ɣet toˈa)

Telishia's poorest area, Trajet Toa, is also often its most inhabited when the sun goes down. The area is between the Housing and Business districts. Not a district itself, but also not claimed by the mayors of either distrct, it is named for the main street that runs down its middle.   The main road is clean. It is lined on both sides with bordellos, gambling halls, entertainment halls, and the like. The bordellos each have "window displays" where the prostitutes all model themselves to walkers-by in the hopes of drawing them in.   The Chyaachi Deja do not patrol the street, though they will come in when called. They rarely stay long. The area is actually run by Laga Vulin.  
  • The most notable bordello is Come Right Inn. It is run by Laga Vulin.
  • The most notable gambling hall is Saga's. It is run by Saga Plono.
  • The most notable entertainment hall is The Apple Blossom. It is run by Laga Vulin.
  • The most notable bar where the bounty hunters can be found is called, The Soft Huntress. It is run by Fillnir Blakendim.
  • The most notable pawn shop is We Sell That Too. It is owned by Argo Forbes.
  • The most notable drug den is On The Verge. It is owned by Strycin.
  • Along the street you have Walkers, those not associated with a bordello and lots of games of Jo Kaki Jito.   As you go out, squalor, tenements, shacks appear. In contract to the center of the district, this area is dirty and has a stench. The crime happens here, especially if you are an outsider who wanders too far off the main road.  


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