If you got money to spare, or even if you don't, I've got the place for you! Come on in and stay awhile! Lighten your load, at Saga's.
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  Saga's is the largest gambling hall in Telshia. It's a converted 3,000 ft2 (279 m2) warehouse. The central floor space contains the gambling tables. It is is surrounded by a large bar, teller area, and security. The second floor was gutted except for a balcony which surrounds the gambling area and an living space where the proprietor, Saga Plono resides.  
"Ms. Plono runs a mostly honest joint. Laga Vulin makes sure of that. Just don't go winning too much. That kinda pisses her off. Even if the Nightfather smiles on you while you are there, doesn't always mean you'll get very far with your winnings."
— Gambler
  Saga won the property in a game of Jo Kaki Jito of all things. The former owner wanted to push the roll on a big pot, but didn't get the six. After much...persuasion...the abandoned warehouse was considered sufficient payment of the gambling debt.  
"Hey, where's the real action in this place?"
  "I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about, ma'am. Perhaps you are looking for the high-stakes gambling table? It is located in the center of the gambling area. Just look for the red fabric."
  "No. The real action. You know, the pit fighting."
  "I'm sorry ma'am, but in case you did not know, our illustrious Doki outlawed that brutal practice over a decade ago. And as Ms. Plono runs a lawful establishment, there is no pit fighting here. Now if you will excuse me."
— Gambler talking to security
  If you know when to show up, who to talk to, and what to say, you can gain access to the basement of Saga's. It is in this underground facility where Saga holds her illegal Pit Fighting. When the practice was outlawed, the pit fighters went to Laga Vulin asking for help. Laga Vulin approached Saga and an arrangement was made to continue the fights. Still just as brutal, but not longer with unwilling participants.
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