Pit Fighting

Pit Fighting was a tradition established by the original Ogre settlers of Aagrok. At the time, it was not an organized venue. It would occur as a spontaneous event when Ogres would be particularly bored. As a means of sparing the buildings and infrastructure of the town, the leaders of Aagrok eventually built a big pit outside of town where Ogres could gather and fight. During this time, many an Ogre could be seen simply hanging out in the pit, waiting for a fellow combatant to come along.   The tradition continued when Aagrok became Telshia. Many pits were well known in the Jiyo Reki. However, as time passed, and the brutality of the pits increased, many combatants were placed in the pit unwillingly - especially mutants.  
Doki Wexel, being a compassionate sort, would outlaw Pit Fighting as a way to combat the brutality that it had become. Unfortunately, she chose instead of regulating, to simply ban the entire tradition. This had the following consequences:
  • Pit Fighters were jobless on the street, aggressive, hungry, and looking for fights.
  • It drove Pit Fighting, brutality and all, underground (mostly at Saga's, but there is the occasional unsanctioned pit) in the lawless streets of Trajet Toa.
  • She lost support with the Jiyo Reki, but gained support with the Chyive Reki.
  • She gained support with the Grendel and Aztlan ambassadors
  • Royal Proclamation
    on this day
    Medfa, the 11th of Wasvikii, 1120 ME

    Doki Wexel has decreed that all forms of pit fighting are illegal. All hail the Doki!
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