Jo Kaki Jito (ɟo kaˈki ʤiˈto)

Jo Kaki Jito, or Push Your Luck, is a old dice game played on the streets and in the alleys of Telshia. It is believed that this game originated in Telshia - probably by the actual group of Ogres and Halflings that originally settled the area. Proof of this theory comes from the fact that game pieces can be found in the ruins of the city that predate the Modern Era, and other dice games from other cultures are far simpler in their design.   It is a simple game consisting of a six-sided die and five numbered circles or squares called ketomeba, or pots. these ketomeba can be physical pots, drawings on things like a piece of torn leather or scrap wood, or simply carved into the dirt.  
The rules are simple and designed to encourage risk and the loss of money from the participants.   The first thing the participant does is roll the die.
  • If the player rolls a six, they have a choice.
    • They can do nothing. At this point, they simply hand the die over to another player.
    • The can push the roll.
      • If they push the roll and get another six, they take all the coins in the playing area.
      • If they push the roll and get a one through five, they match the coins in the corresponding ketomeba.
  • If the player rolls a one through five
    • If there is at least one coin in the ketomeba that matched the roll of the die, they take the coins from the matched ketomeba.
    • If there are no coins in the matching ketomeba, they must add one.
"C'mon! Roll again! You got a six. All you need is another six and you get everything!"   "I...I don't know. What happens if I don't roll a six. I don't have but one coin left."   "Well, if that happens, I'm sure we can figure out a way to pay your debt..."
Saga Plono talking to the former owner of the property that is now Saga's

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