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Drake's Dozen

Revolution is coming

Industrial, magical, political; the dual-moon planet of Neyush is on the precipice of change.

People of many different species, reeling from the effects of the Great War almost two centuries ago, are accelerating into a new age, fueled by innovative discoveries and forgotten secrets. The event that ended the war and decimated an entire people is referred to as The Blink.

No-one knows how or why it happened, though many have theories.

Little fish, big pond

The Blink also brought change to the Dozen.

Empty metaphysical Spheres of existence, or the homes of unknowable, ancient gods? Opportunities for life-enhancing magitech, or eldritch traps waiting to ensnare the curious? Aspects of reality as normal as time and gravity, or complex creations of the Drake herself?

Whatever the Dozen truly are, something is different now. Something changed with the Blink. Something is coming to Neyush.

Are the secrets behind the Dozen the key to saving it, or the catalyst for its doom?

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Agusti's Betrayal

There was no way around it. The deaths were his fault.

Agusti, wheezing through a bruised throat and bleeding through the hastily applied bandages on his now-useless wing, inspected the corpses of his two friends. The only other sounds were the faint rustle of leaves in the scorching wind and the lonely whisper of waves on this nameless island.

"You should be standing with me," he whispered as he closed their eyes and arranged them in the shade.

He tried saying it in his native tongue, but his left syrinx was already beyond repair. He didn't know it yet, but he would never speak that language unassisted again.

He turned and stood to face the human who had rowed the three of them away from Kolkuzhn, away from her. The only person from Kolkuzhn to Gok-Rock who joined him in standing up to that dead lizard. She would make a good first mate. Together they could build up their own crew. He nodded.

At least I can do something useful now, he thought.

Not all privateers had to kill to survive.


When Captain Bloodscale died and started making a name for herself in the piracy game, she recruited four kliasta to be her elite guard, naming them Bloodeyes.

Agusti was the first to be recruited, but over time he became disillusioned with the killing, so he attempted to kill her. Of the three other Bloodeyes, two sided with him, and ended up dead; the other pretended to be on board with the coup, but betrayed the betrayer just before he managed to do the only thing that can permanently kill a revenant like Bloodscale--sinking a nullrock blade into the brain.

Now, permanently wounded and on the run from the 'law' enforcement of Kolkuzhn's waters, he is a bit of a local hero to the farmers and merchants who don't have the supplies or skills to defend themselves against pirates.

Agusti is the reason that Bloodscale kills those who show even an inkling of defying her. He is also the reason she started wearing a metal helmet that she never takes off, should anyone else get as close to her brain with a nullrock blade as he did.


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7 Aug, 2021 13:40

Great article! Interesting to see how Agusti thinks he did the right thing, while others believe otherwise. Gives an interesting dynamic to the whole coup. I wonder though, as Agusti became disillusioned with killing, why attempt to kill her? Is there a reason behind it? Does he want to take over whatever she has built up until now and steer it into a different direction?   Keep up the good work! :D

Sage PanAndPaper
AS Lindsey (Pan)
8 Aug, 2021 13:59

Thanks! All good questions, that I don't have solid answers to yet. I think this might be the seed of a short story, so watch this space ;)

Drake's Dozen | Magic and Tech and Identity, oh my.

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9 Aug, 2021 22:01

Nice article! The little story at the start was a nice addition and drew me into the article. Pretty interesting to see that the farmers view Agusti as a hero even though he was a pirate before

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Sage PanAndPaper
AS Lindsey (Pan)
10 Aug, 2021 10:16

Thanks! I really enjoyed writing it, too; definitely going to start doing that for more of my articles.

Drake's Dozen | Magic and Tech and Identity, oh my.

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