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Computer Adventures with Bit, Byte, and Bug

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What Do You Want to Discover?

Explore the world of computers with the brothers Bit, Byte, and Bug! Computer Adventures aims to make you more knowledgeable about computers, but there are many facets about them. From hardware to software and history to theory, there are many things to explore as this project continues to grow. Or, you can follow the creator in her project endeavours.  

Choose Your Guide



Learn more about computer hardware with the youngest brother, Bit!

From core components that every device needs, like your laptop and your phone, to accessories and extras. Bit would love to teach you all about it by taking you on many adventures inside the computer. For some components, it can tell you even more about very specific ones to show you how far we've come! For example, about the Intel 4004, the world's first general purpose CPU.


Learn more about computer software with the oldest brother, Byte!

From everyday software that you use to do command your computer, to more specific software and communication protocols that allows you to browse the internet. Byte can also tell you more about the building blocks that makes the computer do things. It will try to help you understand these topics with text and examples that you can use on your own machine!


Venture into the practical application of computer hardware and software with the middle brother, Bug!

Nothing brings Bug more joy than "helping" the creator of this world with her projects by interrupting and preventing software from doing what it is supposed to do. Yet, he is ever so proud to see her making progress and learning many things about computers along the way with Bugs "help".


Lastly, there is grandpa Nibble who has a vast knowledge about computers and loves to share this with everyone who wants to read and listen. He has been here since the beginning of time and knows everything there is to know about computers. If you want, it will gladly take you on a trip down memory lane or tell you more about theory. But if you really poke Nibble, he can take you to the grits at the lowest of levels and discuss advanced topics which are not for the faint-hearted.

What interests you?

Computers and its science may be relatively young with the first computer appearing around the 1940s, but a lot has happened in the time between. The progress in both hardware and software is immense in this period. However, not everything stems from the past century...
Not everything in Computer Science fits in just hardware or software. Some principles apply over a broader subject, or don't really fit these two categories per se. Theory covers the bases and subjects that don't have a specific fit, or are only used in very particular scenarios.
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