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Computer Adventures with Bit, Byte, and Bug

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Explore the world of computers with the brothers Bit, Byte, and Bug!   Bit is the youngest brother and is endlessly curious about computers. He would love to teach you all about it by taking you on many adventures inside the computer to learn about the hardware and how they talk to one another. There are many machines from the past that are part of the corner stones for computers today and Bit would love to show you them to see how far we've come!   Byte is the oldest brother and is the one who taught Bit about computer hardware in the first place. Instead, he is more interested in learning about the communication on a deeper level and building software to make the computer do things. Byte will try to help you understand these topics with text and examples that you can use on your own machine!   Bug is the middle brother who loves to "help out" his older brother Byte by interrupting him and preventing software from doing what it is supposed to do. He mocks Byte and runs away everytime he comes close, until he hits a dead end. Still, he knows when he is caught and hopes to teach you how to prevent him from annoying you and make him go away.   Lastly, there is grandpa Nibble. He has been here since the beginning of time and knows everything there is to know about computers. If you really want to get into the grits at the lowest of levels, grandpa will gladly take you on a trip down memory lane. Be prepared, he discusses the most advanced topics there are and is not for the faint-hearted!
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