The Battle Of Shattered Ice

After a 4 year long Rebellion, with thousands dead on each side, slowly inching their way northward stopping only to liberate nearby towns and cities, The Resistance stood right outside Elevenheim, the captital.   Thousands gathered behind their leaders, all sects of The Resistance meeting together at the gates with one goal: Find the Queen. Across from them, most of the Ewa Siimr that had not either died in earlier attacks or defected stood along the walls, dark and foreboding and severely outnumbered. To many, winning was not a question of if but when.  

An Outstretched Hand

At noon on Opal 23, 577, Jillian Ambroious stood with a white flag outside the gates, calling for a peaceful end. Asking the Queen end this war now without further bloodshed. Her cries fell on deaf ears and the gates stayed shut.  

A Clenched Fist

2 hours later, the battle began. Thousands of men and women rushed the walls, using all their skills to break down the doors so they could swarm the castle.  

Mercenaries and Soldiers

Those with fighting experience were put as leaders, directing groups of commoners and others they picked up along the way to places that would be the most vulnerable, leading their groups, and being responsible for their own people's welfare. They were strategists and trainers of the siege, finding every possible way to force themselves and their inside.


Most of the people standing outside the gates were not experienced fighters but simple commoners. While they might not have had experience with strategy or fighting, they were able to follow orders. They fought where directed, turning their daily tools into makeshift weapons, and those that couldn't fight helped in other ways, such as cooking, making more weapons, or healing the injured.


In their number were hundreds of people freed from the Color Camps. These people used their rage and pain to fuel their repressed magic, slowly breaking down the magical reinforcements on the falls. Every piece of what they were taught came out against her once again, either in the battle itself or behind the scenes helping in the medical tents.

Breaking Inside

After 16 hours, her walls finally fell, the doors crashing inward as a particularly strong force of combined magical rage slammed into it, shattering the already weakened defenses after hours of the intense onslaught. Imeadeatly the people poured inside, slamming into and breaking the neatly formed lines of Ewa Siimr.  

Looking the Other Way

During this section of the fight, a smaller group broke off to sneak into the castle. This group consisted of The Resistance leaders including Jillian Ambroious, Sabor Lerone, Oltet Rer, Tawnii Pettetti, Atria Pedar, and Ezz Kutik. These 6 snuck into the castle while the rest of the guards were focused on the onslaught of people storming through their gates.  


They searched the castle, dispatching a couple stray Ewa Siimr along the way and soon returned victorious, the Ice Queen gone. With news that the Ice Queen was gone, nowhere to be found in the castle, the rest of the Ewa Siimr soon surrendered, leaving The Resistance victorious and the The Frozen Empire fallen.


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