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War of the Children

The War of the Children was a brief but bloody conflict that lasted only a few hours but resulted in a higher death toll than any other conflict in the Churning World’s history.   It began when the red-feathered demigod now known as End of Tyranny decided it was unjust for the Tribunal of Divine Authority to hold rulership over their fellow demigods. At the time he was the supreme commander of their army and oversaw all their military operations ranging from hunting down and killing fellow demigods who disagreed with their decisions to the occasional purging of entire towns of mortals who they felt had descended into heresy or just could no longer pay the tithe demanded of them. In his eyes the Tribunal of Divine Authority had corrupted their purpose. The absolute power they wielded changed their hearts and made them stray from the will of the gods.   So he accumulated followers. Most of which came from the red-feathered army of the God of War like himself, though not all his brothers and sisters felt the same as he did. His primary base of operations was an old temple in the heart of a major human city that he had renovated and done great work in uplifting to a higher standard of living. It was there he held his secret meetings with those few he felt he could trust.   Alas, he was betrayed. One of his brothers named Glory of Honor told the Tribunal of his plans and they unleashed the full fury of the gods upon him.   The Pillar of the Sky swirled and turned into a terrible storm. All at once thousands of bolts of lightning came lashing out from on high and laid to ruin the city, setting it aflame. The temple was badly damaged but still intact when End of Tyranny was able to utilize its powers to shield itself, but the rest of the city was not so lucky.   At the same time, all across the Churning World, temples were sundered by the terrifying display of god-like wrath. Everywhere that the Tribunal knew demigods were prone to congregate outside their realm was struck as they took no chances that even those not known to be associated with End of Tyranny might be in cahoots with the traitor demigod.   Soon a portal was opened up and End of Tyranny launched his attack upon the God-Realm that the Tribunal resided within.   The battle was terrifying to behold. Ancient temples and timeless facilities of the gods were shattered and the divine city the demigods called home was brought to ruin by the raw power unleashed between the two forces. Some of the Tribunal, including many senators, fled out into the Churning World where they were hunted and dueled by other demigods. Each duel seared whole forests from the map, broke mountains, and reduced great lakes to mist. Countless towns and villages were swept away in the conflict and the ecological damage was untold.   In the end, driven by a desire to see his enemies destroyed utterly, End of Tyranny sought to use the master controls to unleash the same powers the Tribunal had used against him. His right hand, a demigod of war named He Who Hunts his Tail, protested stating that after what has already happened another barrage may risk devastating the world beyond repair. End of Tyranny, not being willing to risk the Tribunal’s survival, turned to use the master controls in spite of that.   He Who Hunts his Tail struck his brother down. A betrayal for which many would never forgive him. He then used his Solar Lance to destroy the master controls so that such a power could never be wielded again.   With End of Tyranny dead more war would break out amongst the demigods as each vied for power in their own way. More devastation was unleashed, but with no one demigod being able to use the master controls an equilibrium was reached. A tenuous, often bloody balance, but a balance all the same.   So ended the Age of Law.   So began the Age of War.
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