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Marmour's Rebellion

In 2045 SD, discontent with the ruling Garyialan monarch, Emperor Utran, reached its peak, and under the leadership of General Marmour, common folk fought for their rights in what is now known as Marmour's Rebellion.

Rising Discontent

In the years prior the the rebellion the country suffered several floods and draughts. This resulted in multiple failed harvests and increasing poverty. To add to the suffering, the country was at war with neighbouring countries to the north and west. Much food, and sons and daughters, were shipped to the warfront. The event which made the common folk take a stand, was the terrible defeat at Zindar Folt.
In 2042, the Royal Garyialan army had retreated, while the Garyialan Folk army was left behind to be slaughtered on the other side of the river. One of the people present at that slaughter was General Marmour, at that time a Lieutenant. He, and a handful of other survivors brought word home of the ruthless abandonment by the royal army.

Political Intrigue

Prince Nysa, eighth child to the emperor, was a soldier himself, who fought at Zindar Folt. He never knew about the abandonment of the folk army; he thought they had all been slaughter and that was the reason they retreated. A year later, the prince was left behind, badly wounded, to die. A woman found him, took him in and nursed him back to health. The prince began to see his father, the emperor, in a new light.
How the relationship between Prince Nysa and General Marmour came to be is still unclear, but after several years of complicated politics, they joined forces to overthrow the emperor. In 2048 SD, after the Storm of the Castle, Emperor Utran was captured and dethroned.

Commoner's Assembly

Prince Nysa was crowned Emperor, and during his reign, he formed the Commoner's Assembly; a council consisting of representatives of the common citizens. This gave the common folk of Garyiala a voice. Today, the Commoner's Assembly functions as the lower chamber, while the Official's Assembly functions as upper chamber in Parliament.
Start Date
2045 SD
Ending Date
2048 SD

Sharflame's involvement

Lost Rebellion Letters
Document | Jun 2, 2022
About a hundred years ago, a set of letters was brought to light. The letters were written prior and during the rebellion, and were a correspondence between General Marmour and none other than Grand Magus Rigma Sharflame, at the time a young man without a title.
Never before had it been made public that Sharflame had played a pivotal role in the rebellion. Historians are still searching for more letters to shed light on the exact role Sharflame played, but it is clear he started to develop the mystical techniques that are now taught at Sharflame Academy prior and during the rebellion. These techniques likely contributed greatly to the success of the rebellion.


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