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Rigma Sharflame

The most famous wizard across Garyiala is the Grand Magus Rigma Sharflame. Nowadays, Rigma is seen as a national hero, but sadly most of his achievements were acknowledged posthumous and he died without a title or the respect he deserved.

Early Life

Most things known about the life of Rigma Sharflame are due to his well-kept journal, likely written in his old age in an attempt to safe memories for his daughter as his mind started to become clouded.
Rigma was born to a woman and man of the lower ring, and during the Krivn Dyasty this meant he did not carry an officially registered family name, and because of this he had the right to nothing. Rigma had two younger brothers, and the family lived in a small home at the edge of CITY, the countries capital at that time. Together with his father he often travelled into the city, to try and sell their crafts at the market: Rigma’s father was a woodworker and his mother a hedge-witch. As often, Rigma travelled into the city without parental guidance, for the children of the lower ring often snuck out to play catch with the city guard after stealing apples and bread from the market.
Rigma was a gifted child and his mother taught him a little of her hedge-witchery; the binding of good fortuity to talismans. As a teenager, he attempted to register for the Test of Mystical Affinity, but even though he was registered as an official citizen of CITY, his family name was not registered in the Book of Familial Names, and thus Rigma was ruthlessly turned away. Instead, like almost all other youths from the lower ring, Rigma was drafted for the Garyialan Folk Army, for the country was at war with COUNTRY and many men and women were needed at the front.

Marmour’s Rebellion

Rigma’s journal does not contain anything on the NAME war of 2041, even though it played a major role in his life. He kept what had happened on the front quiet until his death. Instead, knowledge on Rigma’s role in the war and subsequently Marmour's Rebellion was revealed by a set of letters found only a century ago in 2512.
As a young man, Rigma started to experiment with mysticism, even though he was denied to take the Test of Mystical Affinity. As a soldier of the Garyialan Folk Army, this is what kept him alive. Together with a handful of others, including General Marmour, he survived the Slaughter of Zindar Folt. The following years, Rigma became an important ally to Marmour (at the time a lieutenant presumed dead and thus without rank).
Rigma’s mystical craft was strange compared to that practiced by mages at the time, and while practical during battle, people saw it as an improper and even barbaric manipulation of magic. Nevertheless, his innovative ways of using his mystical abilities in battle and designing battle formations to suit his skills played a significant role in many of the secret tasks he was send out to do. After successfully dethroning Emperor Utran, Rigma’s role was not mentioned in any of the official recordings and kept a secret until the discovery of the letters.

Sharflame Academy

After the rebellion, Sharflame took to himself. For many years he travelled on his own, fighting monsters both beast and men. People had heard about him, but he was definitely not revered. They knew him as the wizard with the strange magic. It was during later years that he first took on an apprentice: a gifted young girl named Selyn Rosaris. Abandoned and left to die, Rigma took her in and raised her as both daughter and student. After Selyn, during his old age, Rigma trained three others before his death. All of his apprentices became significant people, and only after they trained successful apprentices themselves, were their mystical abilities finally acknowledged as such. It was Selyn who established Sharflame Academy in 2099, or more accurately: it was Selyn who gave it a permanent home and a name, for she always said her father founded the school when he found her left for death in that field so many years ago in 2064.

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