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Lost Rebellion Letters

In 2512 SD, a set of letters was discovered, stashed away in the basement of a farmland home. This set of letters turned out to be correspondence between General Marmour and the Grand Magus Rigma Sharflame at the time of Marmour's Rebellion, and thus, after centuries, confirmed Sharflame's involvement in the rebellion. 


Miss Turigon, owner of an old farmhouse in Tinaldar County, started to renovate her home. The farmhouse had been in the family for several years and had seen much decay and destruction at the hands of the autumn storms in 2511. While checking up on the foundation in the basement miss Turigon found a small box hidden in de wall. She managed to open the box with a knife and found within a set of old letters.
Not knowing what to do with them, she brought them to a friend who was a teacher at the local school. Realizing their significance, the friend took the letters to the local magistrate. The letters eventually found themselves in the hands of professor Pastom, a historian at Baslin University, who studied them intensively and made their significance known.


In total, eleven letters have been recovered. Some of them have withstood the test of time better than others. At least five of them have been deciphered almost completely, while from the other six only a few phrases are readable.
Several important findings have been made from these letters. First, the letters shed light on what Marmour and Sharflame went through after the slaughter of Zindar Folt. They were both survivors that terrible day, and they tried to find their way back to society. Second, the letters show the careful planning of the rebellion since years before initially thought. But most importantly, the letters confirm the rumours that Rigma Sharflame, posthumously named Grand Magus, was involved in much of the rebellion.
Rigma Sharflame, founder of Sharflame Academy, was always rumoured to have played a role in the rebellion, but evidence was never found, not even in Sharflame's own journal. His correspondence with Marmour clearly signifies his importance, and above all, explains how he started to develop the mystical techniques still taught at the academy today.


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