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Sharflame Academy

The most prestigious school for the mystical arts in Garyiala and surrounding areas is most definitely Sharflame Academy. Here, gifted youngsters are trained to eventually join the Garyialan Magier Corps of the National Garyialan Army.
It is said that establishing the academy was such an important historical event, that, had it never happened, the world would be a totally different place today. Some would even go as far as to say that Garyiala would not have survived to exist as a unified country were it not for the academy.

Rigma Sharflame; founder and national hero

Sharflame academy was founded by Selyn Rosaris Sharflame in 2099. However, Selyn always said it was not she, but her stepfather, Grand Magus Rigma Sharflame, who founded the school when he saved her from death.
Rigma Sharflame, now revered for his deeds and seen as a national hero, was granted the title Grand Magus posthumously. During his time, social inequality prevented individuals from the lower ring from taking the Test of Mystical Affinity. Rigma was born in the lower ring and thus denied mystical schooling, even though he was clearly gifted. Instead, he taught himself and mainly developed his skills when he was drafted for the Garyialan Folk Army, as many young women and men were at the time for the country was at war. His mystical abilities, strange and different from common mystical practises, were seen as improper and sometimes even barbaric, but are what kept him alive at the Slaughter of Zindar Folt.
Recently, as had been suspected for many centuries but never confirmed, it was discovered Rigma had played an important role in Marmour's Rebellion. However, his part had been kept secret, and Rigma lived a quiet life afterwards. In total, Rigma took on four apprentices, including his step-daughter Selyn, and taught them his techniques. All of his apprentices became significant people, and only after they trained successful apprentices themselves, were their mystical abilities finally acknowledged as such.

Students and studies

Students of Sharflame Academy consist of both mystically gifted and non-gifted bright youngsters. Whereas mystically gifted students are trained to become magiers, non-gifted students are trained to become soldiers capable of fighting alongside magiers, as well as high ranking officers. Commanding officers often are Sharflame alumni as well.
Students at Sharflame are taught everything a student is taught at regular secondary education, but with additional classes in history, politics, mysticism and military training. After seven years, students graduate and most often join the military. Only a few take a different course. These students usually show to be adept at other mystical branches such as potion brewing, mystical smithing or mystical engineering.

Young Sharflame Academy

Mystical affinity can sometimes already be observed in young children. These children are often already taught at Sharflame Academy to learn to control their powers, for highly gifted children can cause terrible accidents when losing control.
Young Sharflame exists as two versions. Children can either be taught for several weeks in succession at the academy during the high winter or high summer break, so as to not miss regular schooling, or children can be tutored weekly by a graduated magier stationed in or near the home town. Which of the two options is picked depends on the preference of the parents and availability of a magier stationed close-by.

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