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Grimharbour Riots

These rich goons will never push us out!
Jaclan Holadi
  In 968 the streets of Grimharbour were dangerous to walk on, as this was the time when there were many gangs in the town. It is said that back then the Grimharbour Trading Company (GTC) were acquiring land and properties across the whole settlement. However, how they were getting the deeds for the lands were not always legitimate; at least in the eyes of the gangs.   Tensions rose as more instances of shopkeepers losing their livelihoods as their shops were ransacked, looted or even burnt down. More and more people were forced out of the city walls, as the streets became unsafe; especially as fights between gangs broke out and territories were determined.   Eventually, the gangs were unified by a known activist, Jaclan Holadi. They managed to align the gangs towards the same enemy, the GTC. Full-scale riots broke out and many of the Grimharbour Trading Company owned establishments were raided. The Grimharbour Guard got involved to keep the peace. However, even to this day, many claim the guard sided with the GTC. Eventually, the leaders of the gangs were either caught or killed; and one by one the gangs disbanded and were defeated.  


"I'm sorry," the brawny guard in chainmail and tabard bearing the Coat of Arms of Grimharbour, "we were unable to catch the vandals who destroyed your shop."

"But I am telling you, it was the GTC!" The, now former, shopkeeper and victim to yet another ransacking of a store.

"Well maybe if you paid their protection service, you wouldn't have been in this mess." The guard turned and walked away.
Since the founding of the Grimharbour Trading Company, the business has been expanding throughout the town. Eventually, there was not a business that was either owned by the Grimharbour Trading Company or has some kind of affiliation with them; like through any loans, investments or insurances. Although these insurances were more like protection against damages, vandalism was once a common occurrence in the town.   Many people were angry, as the Grimharbour Citywatch would often just let crime get worse. They would claim the guard was even being bribed by the GTC to look the other way.
  There were some guards who would do their best to seek justice for the victims, however, they would often be transferred elsewhere in the town if they were found snooping. So many people began to take matters into their own hands and enforced the law themselves. Gangs began to form; with many of them who would conduct similar tactics to their GTC rivals.  


"Enough is enough!" Jaclan slammed her palm against the table, as she stood in front of many of the gang leaders of Grimharbour, in the Ivory Inn, "we know it is the GTC which is the cause of our problems, so why are we squabbling amongst ourselves? It is time, my brothers and sisters. Our Mother would not stand for this and neither should we!"
Jaclan Holadi was known for expressing their opinions no matter who would be listening. They have faced danger and beatings for their descent, but this only fuelled her to speak her mind more. She saw the division of Grimharbour as a benefit for the GTC, for it was easier for them to take over to the town. Jaclan, passionate for justice, managed to band the gangs of Grimharbour together; and rose against the GTC.   In what became known as the Red Spring; pockets of riots and ransacking commenced. Many of the GTC owned, or affiliated, businesses were targeted by Jaclan's thugs. The GTC, also retaliated, causing mayhem in Grimharbour.   Almost immediately the Grimharbour Citywatch, and the entire Grimharbour Guard were pulled into the conflict to enforce the law and peace. However, the guard put most of their efforts to arrest Jaclan and the gang leaders. One leader after the other was caught, jailed, or even killed; until the final two were found. However, Jaclan had fled and was yet to be found.  
They are the instigators, therefore we must seek out these leaders and Jaclan. They want justice, they will get it.
— Govenor Milonius Melissus


Coward! She would rather run away than keep fighting!
— A Citizen of Grimharbour
  Nowadays, the town is relatively peaceful, especially when comparing the state of the town during the Red Spring. The GTC still operates in the town, however, it is rumoured that their efforts to acquire more land within the city walls have lessened.   Decades have passed, and Jaclan is still at large. Some say she may return, however, this is a dream only a few holds. Many businesses are still tied up with the GTC whether that be via loans or their so-called protection services. However, their practices are perhaps been normalised. There are some smaller businesses that manage to stay away from the GTC, and many are even growing.
Conflict Type
War, Theatre
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Spring, 968
Ending Date
Summer, 968


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Grimharbour Trading Company

Led by
Titus Thraner Oakstone
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The Unified Gangs of Grimharbour

Unified Gangs of Grimharbour
Led by
Jaclan Holadi
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Grimharbour Guard

Grimharbour Guard
Led by
Captain of the Guard, Novia of Grimharbour


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