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Grimharbour Citywatch

Nah, I'm not going to the Citywatch for this. Knowing them, they'll just get paid off by the bloke who robbed me. So I'll need to find them myself!
— A commoner of Grimharbour, who was recently robbed.
  The Grimharbour Citywatch are part of the Grimharbour Guard, which ultimately all protect the Governor of Grimharbour. However, the Citywatch also protects the town's citizens as well as upholding the law. As a smaller regiment of trained militia guards, the entire unit consists of squads that equate to the six districts of the town. Within the city walls, there are five squads; three for each of the gates and their surrounding area, one for the Upper District and the one for the Harbour District. The sixth squad is stationed in the shanty towns which sprawl outside of the walls.  



Before the founding of the Grimharbour Trading Company there weren't much of a Grimharbour Guard, let alone a Citywatch. Once Thraner Oakstone set up buisness and invested in the town's development, the rise in the govenor's revenue through taxes meant the state could make investments of themselves.   Grimharbour has had a reputation of being a safe-haven for Pirates, Bandits and other criminals. The streets were unsafe for many, so the Citywatch was formed to protect the citizens of the town; even though they are a branch of the Grimharbour Guard whose ultimate responsibility is to protect the Governor.  
Hey, did you hear? Apparently, Patrick's store got smashed up! I think it was their goons, and we all know what the Citywatch are going to do about it. Exactly. Nothing.
— Another Commoner


It can be difficult for any city guard to not only enforce the law upon the citizens but to also do so to their fellow colleagues. Trust is a valuable trait any guard must possess. However, there have been incidents in Grimharbour which causes many to quietly question. Many tales are whispered of people who the conspirer knows have somehow disappeared or have changed their minds about an incident they are involved in. A lot of these stories also tie in the Grimharbour Trading Company somehow.    


Armour & Attire

The Citywatch are mostly given gambeson by the state as 'standard issue', and a tabard which bears the City's colours and sigil. This gambeson is not the best quality, but it is functional. Hence many if thge Citywatch provide their own armour. A solid addition would be a chainmail shirt, which is often what the Citywatch of the Upper District wear. However, the tabard is a strict requirement.


Guards of the Citywatch are provided with a simple short sword and a club. The short sword must me sheathed at all times, and there are strict rules where guardsfolk can draw a sword; like if a suspect draw a lethal weapon. However, the state government of Grimharbour encourages their Citywatch to use their club instead of their sword.
Parent Formation

The Oakstones

For about 100 years, the Oakstone family is one of the more prominant dynasties of not only Grimharbour, but the entire Empire; though a few elsewhere have heard of the Oakstone name. They are perhaps more renown than most nobel families in the world, which makes the Oakstones both valuabled and feared.


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