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This large town on the Coast of the Lorlundian Sea is a habour of entertainment and relaxation. Dispite what the name suggests, Grimharbour is a very pleasant town with golden sands and sparkling clean ocean. Historically, however, this town was indeed grim; but since the past century the town has been spruced up. Many of the Grimmers pay their gratitude to the Grimharbour Trading Company, which if it was not for their investments, the harbour would have not gotten its fame for fun.  


The town has always been a port of the Lorlundian Empire, however it has always had a name for being a den of thieves and pirates. A well known rumour had gone around that Grimharbour was the central hub of the Circuit. However, the Grimmers then and now refused this accusation; and despite many investigations by the Lorlundian Guard, there have been no confictions or findings of the Circuit being in ths town.   About 100 years ago, is when the Grimharbour Trading Company was founded. A guildhall was built in the town's centre and since then trade to and from the town grew. Grimmers tell tales of the various investments the company made to the town as it used it's profits to develop the town into the centre of both commerse and entertainment.  






The Drunk Eel

A tavern located on the far corner of Harbour Street, this establishment is a fine place for tired sailors who wish to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks. It's a peaceful pub in the day, but at night this place is buzzing with many seafolk and people of the evening. However, visitors, especially first-timers, are advised to keep an eye, or hand on their coin purse as it is likely to disappear. Though, they are not to mention this rumour the tavernkeeper, for they will throw you out for slander.  

The Grimharbour Trading Company Guildhall

Constructed about 100 years ago, this is the central of business of the Grimharbour Trading Company, and Grimharbour itself. Only members are allowed to enter the building, though there is a lobby where visitors can speak to the assistants at the front desks for any inquiries for membership or to book an appointment with a Loaner.  

The Dockyards

It is common to see hundreds of ships moored at the docks of Grimharbour. The sound of ships of all sizes creeking in the waves as they sway in a randomly, yet orchestrated, way. During the day, this place is full of action as seafolk ready their ships for their journey ahead, or as they unload their cargo for the profits they bare.
Founding Date
Large town
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Half Dwarf4%
Half Elf4%


Lorlundian Empire

Since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time, the empire once ruled the world. However, after many wars, the world is now divided into 6 realms with the Lorlundian Empire as one of them. The Empire is still a great power, especially in its trade.


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