The Circuit is believed to be the largest criminal organisation in the world. This is because the head of the company is decentralised and top secret.



Some say the Circuit has no single leader or a base of operations or any other centralised system. The Circuit functions through its network of smaller illicit groups. The rumours go further as the Circuit was once a mega-powerful, core entity; but have since been dispersed into smaller hubs.


The nobles and lords of the world are often troubled with groups who claim to be connected to the Circuit. In fact, it is a known method for these groups to form their own 'Circuit'. Through thorough investigation, these smaller circuits, or hubs, are operate in localised networks of bandits, robbers and other criminals. Some say these are mere copies of the Circuit, but others also say is it the Circuit at work.

In contrary to the decentralised system, some hubs do create an area of business. These establisments can range from camps to intercity dwellings.


Many thieves claim to be part of this group, but the question is; if they are part of this secret organisation then why state it if they're meant to keep their assosiation a secret? The Circuit is such a mystery that nobody actually knows if it truly exists; which is the most terrifying aspect of this group. What if you are faced with a criminal who is a unit of the Circuit?

On top of the secrecy many networks have developed secret codes and signs to help identify this unit or hub is actually part of the Circuit. Some groups develop elaborate codes, which are often viewed as a whole constructed language; others only develop a simple, yet specifc handshake.

Politics & Economy

The world wide web of the circuit can even reach into the most noble societies. In fact this can cause great tensions between people within the higher societies and below. With such the Circuit being so elusive, they can generate fear across the populus of a town, region or even a whole realm.

One of the main concerns is the economy. Many busniesses blame the Circuit for their economical struggles, especially when they lose their precious cargo along established trade routes. Hence there are plenty of private protection services who offer guards to protect the goods, for a price. Some nobles have even begun offering the same, and more official, kind of services and work. Otherwise, merchants may find themselves inadvertantly purchasing their own stolen goods.


Ultimately, if you speak to anybody about the Circuit the question always remains; is the Circuit real or is it just a fantasy which thugs and thieves use to try to get away with their crimes. Many lords and merchantes, however, think whether or not the Circuit exists, the idea does. Hence there are a lot of people who do believe its a large myth. However, what remains true is there are outlaws out there who opperate in the same manner of the Circuit.

Thief: "You can't arrest me, I am part of the the Circuit!"
Guard: "Oh yeah? If you were, would you really be telling me you are?"
— A confrontation between a Guard catching a Thief.
Illicit, Other


A member of the Circuit
A group of Units who claims to part of the circuit
Hubs who are connected exchange items, information or even people

Beware! Criminal activity along North Road to Blackford!

If you wish to travel north, go to the town's guardhouse. There you can hire strong and experienced guards to protect you AND your wares, for a meager 10gp per day!
— One of many notices pinned on the community boards across the town of Everwick


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I really like the ambiguity of whether or not this is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good work.

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