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Lorlundian Empire

For Emporer!
  The Lorlundian Empire is the longest standing realm in Atharia, lasting for almost 1000 years. Many claim this was the start of time. They are famous for being a nation of richness, prosperity and grandeur. The most recognisable trait are their citys of white stone and orange clay rooves.  


The empire's borders stretch across the centre of the Mainland of Atharia, and around the BLUE_SEA.   The empire is currently ruled by Emporer SOME_ONE and have worn the CROWN_NAME for 49 years. The political structure of the empire is an elective republic monarchy, where people of the Senate, vote for who is to the Emporer.  

The Senate

The people of the Senate are referred to as Senators, with the females being Senatorettes. In theory, anybody could become a Senator, however currently it is filled with the Empires most influential, or most rich, Lords and Ladies. Only Senators and Senatorettes can accept new members, via a vote.  


For many reasons,  




Since the Start of Time, the empire has ruled many Atharians. It is said the empire once ruled the entire world. Many emporers and empresses have sat on the Throne of THRONE_NAME, during the time that historians call "Lordunian Atharia". However it was during EMPRESS_NAME's reign that the Lorlundian empire started to crumble.  


Brostia, the cold island in the north, was the first who fought for independence from Lorlund. For decades the two side fought until Lorlund had to surrender and concede to Brostia's demands. Since then, the Lorlundian Empire and the Realm of Brostia have been bitter rivals. It was not until the independance of the other Atharian realms that Lorlund and Brostia began to create diplomatic relationships; such as trade and migration agreements.  

Divided Atharia

Since Brostia fought for independance, so too did Feneya, Raelund, Faldurh, and Dovaria. Each one becoming their own realm after many years under the banner of the Lorlundian Empire.   Since then, the 6 realms of Atharia have had wars between each other. With Raelund gaining territory over Feneya, and Brostia defending its own, against Dovaria; though historians hold scriptures of Brostian raids on the mainland.
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Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
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The Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
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