Sandy Sea

Beyond the Southern shores of the BLUE_SEA, lies another sea, however this one is dry and hot for it is a desert commonly known as the Sandy Sea. This desert spans for miles, and it is almost completely baron for if it were not for the very few fauna, flora and people who live there.  


For the most part the desert is completely empty, except for the odd features here and there. There is the Oasis, where people have settled around and created the city of Sunopolis. There is also the long winding river of RIVER_NAME which leads up to the Falduhr Highlands which supplies the Oasis, then flushes towards the BLUE_SEA.  


Along the RIVER_NAME are the only settlements in the entire desert, thanks to the irrigation the river provides. However, during the summer, the river loses its flow to the heat which makes living in the Sandy Sea nearly impossible. Yet, each year, the Solnerii perservere.  

The Oasis

The Oasis is the Solnerii's salvation, as it is the only reliable source of water. However as the river leads to the BLUE_SEA, the water isn't totally fresh. The Solernii have found out ways to cleanse the water, making it healthy to drink using Water Washers.  


Sunopolis is the home of the Solnerii people and wraps around the Oasis. The City of Sunopolis, famous for the gigantic Sunflowers and communal gardens.  


The Sand Worm

For a few years the Solnerii of Sunopolis have been cautious to travel across of the Sandy Sea, as a terrible monster lurks within the sands. Nobody knows where this creature has come from, but travellers must also be gamblers if they wish to take their chances and cross the Sandy Sea safely. Their only means of travel is up the along the NAME_OF_STREAM towards the NAME_OF_MOUNTAINS_FALDUHN.
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The Solnerii

The Solnerii are the people who live around the oasis of the Sandy Sea, in the desert city of Sunopolis.   Read more about them here.


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