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These people of Sunopolis in the Sandy Sea. They are part of the Lorlundian Empire as the empire's territory includes the Sandy Sea.   The Solnerii are most renowned for being able to not only survive in the desert but also thrive. They are most famous for growing the Solneri Sunflower and producing the most colourful dyes.  


Smallhorn's Doom

In the 980th year of time, a small farming community of Smallhorn suffered a terrible fate as they were attacked by a giant worm which became known as the Solnerii Sand Worm. This monstrous creature destoryed and devoured many innocent people of Smallhorn. Only a few survived. This Sand Worm still lurks and haunts the Solnerii and any travellers passing through the Sandy Sea.
Many Scholars around the world hold records which state the Solnerii have been around since the Start of Time, though Lorlundian Scholars claim this to be false. Lorlundian Scholars argue, and cite their scrolls, people migrated into the Sandy Sea roughly 100 years after the Start of Time.   Either way, the Solnerii have boasted to have never been invaded, seiged, or see any conflict as the desert protects them. However, what became their haven became their horror, when the Solnerii Sand Worm came.


Sunopolis is the centre of Solnerii politics as it is the regional capital. It is governed by Quintus Aquila of whom the Solnerii have mixed opinions of. Rumours are spreading, as discontent within the City of the Sun is rising, especially with each news of new victims of the Solnerii Sand Worm.
Maybe if he weren't too busy playing with his servants, perhaps the families of those who died in Smalhorn would eventually get their vengeance.
— A disgruntled Solnerii


Solnerii Sunflower

The Solnerii Sunflower is the largest sunflower in the world. The stem grows above 6 ft as the span of the head reaches about 4 ft. This flower is planted in almost every street, garden, pretty much everywhere as it is a great source of shade.  


Taria's Order is the official religion of the Lorlundian Empire and Solnerii are proud worshippers of Taria; Goddess of Creation. In fact they boast to be the most blessed by Taria herself as it is her light which shines on them everyday.
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Lorlundian Empire

Since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time, the empire once ruled the world. However, after many wars, the world is now divided into 6 realms with the Lorlundian Empire as one of them. The Empire is still a great power, especially in its trade.


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