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Taria's Light; the Sun

High upon the sky is the sun. This giant sphere is the provider of light, warmth and life for many across the plane-verse. The sun is present in more than one plane. The sun rises and the sun sets at the same time across all planes, including the Cosmic Sea.   As many Atharians believe, the Sun was created by Taria; the Goddess of Creation. It was she who lit the sky with her life energy, Essence; which then gave birth to life to the lands of Atharia. Some call the sun Taria's Light, whilst others deem it as Taria herself, as she graces everybody with her Essence.  

Feathers of Fire

The creation of Taria's Light is said to be made from the feathers of a Phoenix; great avians of fire. Taria found a whole flock of Phoenixes, which seeing one is a great feat in itself. After gifting these birds the power of rebirth, Taria was gifted a Phoenix feather She then brought this powerful item to her Worldbuilding Workshop to light up the forge. The fires of this forge is Taria's Light, the sun which utilises the life power of a Pheonix.  

Many creatures of Atharia and the planes praise the sun. It is the sun which brings warmth to those who are cold, growth to the crops to feed those who are hungry and light to protect those in the dark. Indeed, the light properties of the sun is a key property for survival; but as many Dwarf would argue, it is the rejuvinating qualities of the sun which makes life worth living. Though, desert dwellers are also wise to caution, as too much of a good thing can actually be bad.   As mentioned before, Taria's Light is present in most planes; this is because there are plane which are under eternal darkness thanks to Sapa's power, entropy.


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To light up the forge, eh? :D Love it.

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