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Grimharbour Trading Company

Established in 899 the Grimharbour Trading Company is the centre of trade and commerce in Grimharbour. In almost every business transaction, the GTC will no doubt be a part of it either directly or indirectly. Officially it is a Merchantile Guild, which offers many kinds of financial aid to it's members, such as insurences and loans.  


The Founding

Before the company was established, Grimharbour was a dismal place to live in. Pirates, brigands and other kinds of riff-raff would use the town as a safe haven. However, Thraner Oakstone saw potential and started a ship repairing business called Oakstone's Yard, which boomed and expanded to investments and lending to other local businesses. The year 899 was when Thraner decided to build the GTC's guildhall as a centre of trade for the town.  


Since the founding of the company, the town of Grimharbour has seen great development in it's infrastructure and properties. Many Grimmers say it is thanks to the GTC for the investments and lending they have provided. Also, they say it is the GTC's influence on politics which also made the town a better place to live and visit.  


Silia Oakstone

Silia Aurelia Oakstone is the current owner of the GTC. Her employees both respect and fear her, though perhaps everyone in the town is afraid of her. She has a reputation of being a fierce businesswoman, however this is what makes the GTC powerful even today.  


There are rumours and hearsay of the company being corrupt. In fact, the conspiracies go further as many claim the Duke of Grimharbour is in the pocket of the GTC, or at least much of the Grimharbour Guard is.  
Don't let anyone hear you say that about the GTC, or you might be sleeping with the fishes tonight.
— A Grimmer Commoner.
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Guild, Merchant
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On the shores of the Lorludian Sea is the town of Grimharbour. This large settlement is the perfect getaway for any Atharian with it's golden beaches and flashy venues of entertainment. It is also a bustling harbour where many sailing merchants can make a tidy profit.

The Oakstones

For about 100 years, the Oakstone family is one of the more prominant dynasties of not only Grimharbour, but the entire Empire; though a few elsewhere have heard of the Oakstone name. They are perhaps more renown than most nobel families in the world, which makes the Oakstones both valuabled and feared.


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