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Silia Aurelia Oakstone

"He's where!?" Silia trembled as she cried out, "we must go and look for him!"   "Sweetheart I have already made arrangements, I have hired the Hefflings." Her father explained, with his soothing deep voice.   "Oh thank Our Mother" Silia sighed.   Her father points at her, "And you're going with them."   "You what!?"
— Missing in Danastor - Part 1 - The Quest
  The Great Grandaughter of Thraner Oakstone, founder of the Grimharbour Trading Company, Silia was 22 years old when she joined the The Hefflings, when her brother went missing in Danastor. Before this, Silia was a famous singer who enjoyed the attention, fortune and pleasentries of being a celebrity. Now she assists Ali Ritvasson and the Hefflings on their quests.  


Ali smiles at Silia, "it is my pleasure meeting you."

  "Yeah, you and many others," As she huffs and frowns, Silia leaned back against the edge of the cart, as it bumps and creeks on the road.

  "I actually saw you on stage once, and I thought you had the most beautiful voice."

  "You and many others."

— Missing in Danastor - Part 2 - On the Road 1/2

Growing up

Since when her parents could teach her to talk they taught her to read as well. Her father valued information, and attempted to pass down this virtue. However, her mother also encouraged Silia to enjoy the pleasures of life.   Silia hated to be stuck inside for too long, as she enjoyed the outdoors and exploring the wilderness. However with her father's strict regieme, Silia could not go out as much as she had liked. Even though she did manage to sneak out every now and then.   She also loved music, and whenever her parents allowed her to stay in the Guildhall in the late hours; she would watch the many bards and muscians who performed on the stage.


Inspired by those late evenings at the guildhall, Silia would often sing various songs and share tales of what she heard to her friends, and servents. Everybody would praise her gentle voice, and encouraged her to one day get on stage herself.   Silia was just 16 when she played her very first performance. Her mother managed to pursuade her Father, who at this time was perhaps more interested in booze than parenthood, to allow Silia to perform in front of the Guild Members of the company in the Guildhall. Silia took the stage and smashed it as she sung in the soft and sweet voice which she had been famous for in all of her career.
"We even met afterwards. I bought you a drink and we gotten, well, close"

  "Oh?" Silia attention now met with Ali, as she tried to remember his face.

  "Yeah, you whispered in my ear," Ali began to mimic, "look at me like that again, and I'll be the last thing you'll see."

  "Ha!" Silia lights up, "you and many others."
— Missing in Danastor - Part 3 - On the Road 2/2
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— Missing in Danastor - Part 4 -


After her first performance, Guild Members pressured the company for her to perform regularly. In fact, when she did perform the guildhall would always be full. Silia then travelled across the Empire and then the world, to sing. Her fame grew exponentially and soon everyone would have heard the name of Silia Oakstone.   With fame, also brought fortune, which her parents would recieve and share with their daughter, as they were the ones who managed Silia's singing career. This suited Silia. She did not want to be bogged down by numbers and meetings, instead she wanted, and did, enjoy her career and the pleasures it gave.


Being perhaps the most famous woman in the world, it was mostly when Silia was 20 saw the height of her singing success. Many men and women adored Silia, many even fell for her. After each, or mostly each, of her performances, she would corouse with her audience. They would flirt, and she would flirt too. They would even kiss, and she would too. However, any further than that is when people saw her fierce side; as any unwanted advancements would be responded with a twist of the wrist, or a boot where is hurts the most. However, even with her chaste mannerism, she still had a very lustful reputation.
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Sooner or later, Silia's attitude would catch up to her, and it did. Jealousy and envy would overcome those she revelled with and conflict was a regular outcome to a night out. This gradually tarnished Silia's reputation. Also her parents were worried about her safety. So when she was 22 her parents made her stay at the Oakstone Manor, where she grew restless.   During her 'house arrest' her brother disappeared whilst journeying to trade goods in the Kingdom of Raelund, which apparently he was last seen in Danastor. The Oakstones invested heavily into the search of Silia's brother, and so they hired the Hefflings. In fact, to teach her displine her parents demanded that Silia would join the Hefflings on this quest.

The Hefflings

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The Company

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Hefflings Placeholder image by Heffe

The Oakstones

For about 100 years, the Oakstone family is one of the more prominant dynasties of not only Grimharbour, but the entire Empire; though a few elsewhere have heard of the Oakstone name. They are perhaps more renown than most nobel families in the world, which makes the Oakstones both valuabled and feared.

The Hefflings

The Hefflings are a travelling guild of adventurers and gladiators. They are founded and led by Ali Ritvasson, who once saved a child from the great Solnerii Sand Worm.   To many, the Hefflings are more than just adventurers, but they are a culture of friends and family. Unlike most guilds, the Hefflings are an open guild, where many can follow. However, only a select few may become a gladiator or an adventurer. So most hefflings either become a Levy or a Camper and assist with the needs of the community.


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