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Ali Ritvasson

The Hefflings are my family. Every one of them is a brother and a sister
— Ali Ritvasson
  Not much is publicly known about Ali Ritvasson, other than he is the leader of the Hefflings and is perhaps one of the best adventures anyone could hire. If you need a job done, Ali and his party will see it through. Ali Ritvasson is known to go above and beyond when it means helping others, especially saving someone's life. There are many stories that are told of Ali Ritvasson putting his own life in the line to save others.  


Growing up

Very little is known about Ali's upbringing. His accent is a mixture of Lorlundian and Feneyan, which suggests Ali has some Elfkind heritage, however, he neither confirms or denies with a simple deflection of "don't we all?" A question which can irritate many Purists of the world.  

Before Adventuring

According to what Ali would share, Ali never really wanted to be an adventurer, instead, he was happy being a Blacksmith. Though others claim to be told he was a Carpenter, Mason and even a Lord somewhere. Ali wouldn't correct anyone with this, instead, he would simply continue with his day. This was until he had noticed the rise in rumours about monsters lurking in shadows and bandits robbing merchants on the road, Though, this did not drive him into the adventuring lifestyle. What did, was to happen in the small Solnerii village of Smallhorn.  


Within the Sandy Sea and a day or two away from Sunopolis, Ali had been travelling and arrived at Smallhorn. This was a happy little place, where the villagers just got on with their day to day lives. Crime was minimal, and politics were stable.   Ali was just in the village market when the ground shook and walls trembled. Suddenly, a large explosion occurred and towering out of the devastation was a beast taller than what a city wall would be; which soon became to be known as the Solnerii Sand Worm.   Buildings fell. People scattered and ran. Ali stood, in awe of this great monster as it dived onto one house and crashed out of another. Witnesses who survived this disaster tell tales of a man who ran, not away, but towards the beast. He dove into a building, where screams were heard. That very home began to quiver. The beast was coming. Within a blink of an eye, Ali launched out of the building with a child in his arms. Her home, crumbled as the beast burrowed beneath it.   Those who managed to escape, Ali amongst them with the sobbing child still in his arms, arrive at Sunopolis to seek refuge. A life was saved that day, but many more were lost.  

The Hefflings

Clueless, but passionate, Ali had to form a party of Adventurers to take on the Solnerii Sand Worm and many monsters like it. Fortunately, Ali had contacts from around the world, friends, associates and business partners. Gradually, Ali gathered enough levies, enough resources and formed who are now known as the Hefflings. These weren't to be like any other mercenary band. These were adventurers who aid those in need. As a way to train and fund their adventures, Ali also formed the Hefflings to be a travelling Gladiator school; the first of its kind which reintroduced the games in areas outside of the Lorlundian Empire.  


Travelling far and wide, across the world. Who knows what Ali's future may hold. Will he take on the Solnerii Sand Worm? Or does his destiny lie elsewhere?
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Lorlundian Empire

Since what Lorlundians call the Start of Time, the empire once ruled the world. However, after many wars, the world is now divided into 6 realms with the Lorlundian Empire as one of them. The Empire is still a great power, especially in its trade.


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