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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a unit or squad who guards an important person
A total of 386 entries

South American Jet Squadron 001-Royal Guard, Earth

Wardens of the High King - Bhaiirdat ja-Khalal

Prompt 23: Shrine Guardians

Mousquetaires de la Maison Militaire du Roi du Canada

High Sentinel Guards of the Dracunum Order

Muhepásines Presidential Guard

Erialla State Navy, the 72nd Legion

Swynfaredian Lecrealt Guard

Maison Militaire du Roi de France

President's Secret Service

The Mazoni - Prompt #23 Unit or squad who guards important person

The Imperial Kings Guard

Guardians of the Kings of Vhara

The Kaiser's Own Guards, or, the Kaisereigene Wachen

Schimmernde Schilde des Erzmagiers

Wenutsuekul Gandayan Zitsoeii

The Royal Guard of Isendree

Meihomei's Own Lifeguards and Medics

Armadi Listi Mati: The Aldarian Elite Guards - By Koraki S. Kanosis