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The Winged Sacred Squadron

The Winged Sacred Squadron is part of the Brirean Royal Guard, they are the personal bodyguards of the Brirean King, both in his palace and on the battlefield. They are composed by the elite of the cavalrymen of the kingdom, usually by the sons of the most important families of the Kingdom both Oronai humans, half-elves or elves.   They are a the Brirean version of the Oronai "Sacred Squadron", the elite heavy cavalry of the Oronai Kingdoms that was a key component of the armies of the Oronai for centuries. In the past, in the distant Oronia, the nobles swore a sacred oath to protect their king, and also they were believed to be under the direct protection of the god of war, thus they were called by all of this, the Sacred Squadron.   Although this article talks about the Winged Sacred Squadron of the Brirean Kings, it should be said that another Guard regiment with the same characteristics actually exists on the neighbouring elvish-oronai kingdom of Stormitia. 



The unit is composed of around 2.500 horsemen divided into Logos (the same as the famous The Oronai Phalanx but this time about 500 each instead of the 400 in the aforementioned infantry unit). In total there are 5 Logos, each one commanded by a logarch, and ultimately by the Ilarch, the second in command after the King himself.     Mostly, this units are stationed at the royal capital of Bazira, but they detachments of this unit can also be found in cities alongside the Parana Valley.


The basic equipment of the horsemen of this unit consists of a bronze or iron helmet, usually modelled after the oronai styles and sometimes displaying a plumed crest on the top. An anatomic bronze cuirass, also an oronai product, and usually greeves to protect their knees. They also wear lavishly decorated tunics and trousers. But the most distinctive feature and thus the name of this unit cames from the palm trees or peackock feathers that are attached to their backs that give them an impressive and threatening look.


The main weapons of this peculiar horsemen are the 3 meters long xyston lance, which is wielded with both hands, and their short sword, usually a machaira, ideal for fighting from horseback. Although some units are also specialized on using the bow, so before charging into enemy lines, they'll harass them with an storm of arrows. This is due to the influence of the elves on elvish-oronai warfare, as the bow played an important part in elven warfare in the past, and today horse archers play an important role in the armies of the elvish-oronai kingdoms.


As an elite unit, the Sacred Squadron is provided with the best horses from the Parana valley, the fastest and most resistant horses in the world. In this case, as being the King's personal guard they don't have to pay for their horses, as other cavalry units do, but instead, the state, or better said, the King pays for the horses of his bodyguards.


After the King, the highest ranking commander is the Ilarch, that could also be seen as the commander of the guard, in the battlefield he asumes the role of deputy of the king, following his orders, an usually, if the situation needs it, commanding one of the wings of the cavalry.


Tha favourite tactic of this unit is the one called hammer and anvil, in which the oronai phalanxes keep the enemy advance while the cavalry (including the Winged Sacred Squadron) flanks the enemy and attacks from behind. 
Also, the regiments of this unit that are armed with bows and arrows, usually fire an storm of arrows to kill as many enemies as posible or to slow their advance and then try to flank them from behind. But if the enemy is lightly armed, what they usually do, its that they will attack frontally trying to break out the enemy.


Most of the training is focused on fighting on horse, to do coordinated manouvers with all the regiment and to practice cavalry charges and 1 vs 1 fighting. In case of the horse archers regiments they would usually train also archery in special archery fields on the barracks. 
Also hunting is a good exercise to this horsemen, because they can use either the spear or the bow for hunting. 



Every noble family of the Kingdom of Brire can aspire to have one of their sons as member of the Sacred Squadron. In this case race doesn't matter, so either the sons of the elven nobility, of the half elf families or the descendants of the oronai settlers can become part of this unit.  The only requirement is to know how to ride a horse. 


Historical loyalties

The Sacred Wing Squadron has been loyal to the Kings of Brire since its foundation, but when the Elvish-Oronai kingdoms splitted again, the same regiment was created in the kingdom of Stormitia.
610 AP
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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