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From the ashes of a great empire, different realms will try to claim its legacy. Welcome to Yeia!, a world full of adventures, intrigues and fights for power, where great heroes can rise and conquer the world or fail attempting it. This is a world where different races live together: humans, elves, half elves... and other sort of creatures. And where magic and magicians are very precious resources for any state.   250 years ago the mighty Ikarian Empire fell due to constant civil wars, corruption and external invasions. But the old flame of the thousand year old empire didn't disappear as various warlords and imperial princes scaped and founded their own domains, each of them reclaiming the imperial legacy for themselves. Other peoples as the elves, ancient subjects of the Empire sought to secure their own culture and traditions from external threats in those dark times.   On the other side of the sea, new powers emerge by the sword, desperation or by a new fanatical religion while others try to survive either using force or magic to prevent invaders to conquer them.   A new era begins for Yeia, who will become its master?  
Introduction to Yeia
Generic article | Jun 12, 2023