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Anne, Librarian of Telorion Castle

Of course, knowledge is power!, And Master Almaric always says a good Knight of Light has to be cultivate and read books, either because of personal interests of because they need to learn things like magic, strategy, study the holy texts... . is there something you need? ...Ok I'll search that book....NO!, PLEASE DON'T TOUCH THAT ONE!, IS VERY OLD, A REAL RELIC!.



Anne and her twin sister Claire were born in South-eastern Wesdaland in 801 AP, when they were 5 years old their parents died during a nomad raid of their village. They were saved because they hide in a straw loft. Two days later they were found in a street by Sir Mortimer of Castlefield, a famous Knight of Light who took them into his custody and took them to Telorion Castle where they were educated by him and the rest of the brothers and sisters of the Order.

Years later, when they turned 16, they took the oath of knighthood, officially entering the Order. From that moment until the present Anne became the chief librarian and alchemist of the Telorion Castle Library, something that has allowed her to study the most important books on magic, alchemy, medicine, astronomy... and many more topics. , making her a very wise girl despite her young age.


Anne is easily distinguished from her twin sister because her hair is a bit curlier than Claire and also because she wears glasses. But both sisters share the same unmistakable trait, pink hair. Her body is thin but at the same time graceful. She has dark coloured eyes and pale skin like her sister.

by Callyxtus


Unlike her sister Claire, Anne is a bit shyer. She is very friendly with the rest of the Knights who live in Telorion Castle and she is always willing to help them or nearby villagers that come to the Hospital of the Castle seeking help. But she finds hard to talk to strangers, so don't expect her to begin a conversation unless she trusts you or you are interested in his favourite subjects like books in general, alchemy or magic.


In combat you would believe that the knight you've in front of you is this shy, seemingly fragile girl, on the contrary she is brave and determined, she would think twice about defending a fellow knight of the order if he or she is in danger.


Anne is also a neat freak (unlike her sister), and a very active person. She likes to wake up early in the morning, getting ready, tidying up her room, having breakfast and then going to the chapter house to find out what tasks are assigned to her. She likes to spend her free time reading books or talking with her sister or other knights in the courtyard of the castle. And, although fighting is not her forte, she never misses a fencing lesson or combat training.

Role inside the Order

Because of her love of books and being a neat freak, Anne became the Chief Librarian of Telorion castle, so that means she has access to hundreds, if not thousands of books, as well as to the Archives of the Order, that contains hundreds of documents like letters from the Grand Master, property documents, inventories, letters from foreign dignitaries, letters from Masters from the Order's Castles scattered across Yeia, Chronicles about the other etc... .

Due to the nature of the Order of the Knights of Light many books in the library deal with the topic of magic, and these are some of the most interesting books for Anne, who has read and studied them wholeheartedly, this and her years of practice had made her a very skilful sorcerer. So, upon her appointment as chief librarian she was also appointed as Chief Sorcerer of Telorion Castle (which means this young girl is the Chief Sorcerer of the entire Order). She is also in charge of delivering the mail to the Grand Master of the Order, Almaric of Tapuy.

Likes and Dislikes

Aside of reading and practising magic, Anne likes to take care of the gardens alongside sister Jeanne.

It's not only about picking flowers or watering plants you know? Farming is tough so it is also a good form of exercise! What? ...You've never seen me with a hoe? Well, if you don't believe me, ask sister Jeanne, she will tell you!

Anne also has a special talent for singing, she is usually the first to begin singing the hymns at the castle's chapel. But outside Telorion castle, she is not very willing to sing in public.


Anne hates disorder, like untidy rooms, or even books bad placed in the castle's library, she dislikes people using magic for their own benefit because it goes against the creed of both the order as well as the Yemmuist faith. She has some sense of humour but she hates people that makes her doubt if they are laughing at her or with her, and she strongly hates people laughing at others.

Accesories and specialized equipment

Anne always carries her spell book with her, she is very fond of it, it was written at the scriptorium of Telorion castle by Brother Edmund and illustrated by brother Anthemius. The other precious accessory she always carries is her magical staff made of cedar wood with an incrusted magical emerald. Her glasses are also special, they are made of the finest crystals following the most advance glass making, that unlike normal glasses, used for reading, allow her to see clearly at all times, not only for reading. This glasses were made by reputed artisans following some instructions from scientist from the university of Boria on the Delta.


Anne's motivation to join the order of the Knights of Light, as well as her sister's is driven by a will to protect the to protect the weak (based on their traumatic experience of losing their parents). And, since they were rescued by a Knight of Light and having spent much of their life at Telorion Castle, Anne and her sister believe life as knights of the order fits them really well.

Being the Chief Sorcerer is not Anne's only job inside Telorion Castle, she also jobs from time to time at the Castle's Hospital caring for the sick pilgrims as well as the sick or wounded inhabitants of the surrounding villages. As she likes to say:

I not only defend the innocent from evil with my magic and my sword but also with medicine and science!

Contacts and relationships

Sir Mortimer of Castlefield is like a father for Anne and her sister, He rescued them from their burned village and gave both of them a new life. So Anne has a lot of respect and affection towards Sir Mortimer. She also has a lot of respect for the grand master of the Order, Almaric of Tapuy. She believes Almaric is a wise and courageous Grand Master and is always ready to follow his orders.

Aside from her twin sister, the other great friend of Anne is sister Jeanne, she has tought her everything about plants, medicines and she was the first to acknowledge the young girl's magical potential. You may find Anne chatting and laughing with her quite frequently at the courtyard of the castle or meditating alongside her at the Castle's chapel.

Another of Anne's pillars, as it can be called, is her twin sister, Claire. Despite being so different in terms of personality, one sister cannot live without the other because they complement each other. For example, Claire is extrovert so she is always helping Anne communicate with strangers while Anne is always trying her best to make her sister a bit more responsible, like arriving on time to the chapter meetings, praying sessions, or doing to chores properly.


Anne also has good relations with the youngest knight at Telorion Castle, Godfrey. Both shared a common shy personality and a common interest in literature. Godfrey admires Anne's wisdom and organization skills while Anne admires Godfrey's determination and responsibility while doing chores at the Castle.


Aside from her friends inside the order, Anne had the opportunity to make some friends outside Telorion Castle. For example Arwynn, the wife of Flavius, both friends and members of Yuya's adventurer party, as well as their youngest son, Demetrius . In fact, Anne exchanges many letters with them and both Demetrius and Arwynn have taught Anne some very useful spells and helped her in some missions and vice versa. In fact, Demetrius, because of his skills as an adventurer and a druid gifted a parchment with recipes made with forest herbs to Anne in one of her visits to Banias.


Claire, knight of Telorion Castle

Sister (Vital)

Towards Anne, Librarian of Telorion Castle



Anne, Librarian of Telorion Castle

Sister (Vital)

Towards Claire, knight of Telorion Castle



lawful good
Parents (Adopting)
Short, Pink
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white
Aligned Organization

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Anne's twin sister and member of the explorer corps of the Knights of Lifght at Castle Telorion

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