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Followers of Yemu

Do not believe what the ancient scholars and some among the priest say about magic. For this humble teacher has seen and experienced what they believe its imposible. I, that not have any elven blood have achieved the power to cast the most powerful magic, because light magic is a gift of the gods for those who want to do good to others and not enslave them
— Fragment of the book "Teachings of Holy Master Yemmu", written ca. 256 AP


  Born in 104 AP, in Shiruz (Seris Empire ), Yemmu was the first born son of a local priest of the temple of Alara, goddess of memory. At a young age he too became a priest at the temple where he also was instructed in the basics of magic. But the young Yemmu wasn't satisfied with the knowledge stored at the temple and also became disgusted with the ideology and doctrines of its priests. He then travel to Southern Seria, to the recently annexed Elven lands where he studied with the Elf magician Godias, who tought him the secrets of Elvish magic and where he discovered that a human can also obtain with pratice the same magical powers and abilities of the elves, and most importantly, Godias told him that magic could only be used for good.   With this knowledge he then went North, to Nibadapta, where he preached his teachings. he tought that, like him, every human had the power of become a magician because magic is found inside everyone of us. This magic powers could be controled thought study, practice and meditation, and that it has to be used only for doing good. He quickly became famous for helping people and gathered an important group of followers. In 153 he travelled to the capital, where he was recieved by the Emperor Visuparad IV, who became a follower too. Yemu created then an School of Magic in mount Nara, near Sakouramish, where he tought magic to disciples from all over the world and helped people from the nearby communities until he died of old age in 200 AP. He was buried in the school in a great mausoleum. According to legend, an eagle, the totemic animal of Abbon Shabai ( Abbina in Seris) was seeing guiding his soul to heaven.  


  After Yemmu's death, his disciples began founding new magical schools across the Seris Empire and preaching their master's teachings. Yemmu's teachings weren't incompatible with the old Seris religion, in fact Yemmu understood his teachings as a complement to the Seris Faith or as a way of life, but neve talked or thought about replacing the old faith. Because of this, his teachings were well accepted by the Imperial Court and many of the lower- middle classes and the lower priesthood.   In 345 the teachings of Yemmu began to be preached among the Nari peoples, specially in the kingdom of Gorhas. Where it became the official faith alongside the traditional Nari religion and many texts where copied and translated by Nari monks and scholars who travelled to Seria.   In the West however, despite some communities being founded in the The Blatian Empire the impact of the teachings of Yemmu was minimal in the continent of Teria. Until the 7th century AP when, according to the chronicles, in the year 641 AP a group of followers of Yemmu arrived to Bazira, and began preaching there. And the message of their faith attracted the attention of the king of Brire, Menander I, who requested an audience with the leader of this sectarians, a seris man called Valenes. After a long series of debates at the court between these two men, the Brirean king manifested his will to convert to this sect, without rennouncing to worshiping the traditional elvish-oronai sincretic religion. From then on, he became a very important patron of the faith, as well as his successors, the Elvish-Oronai kings of Brire and Stormitia.
Elvish-oronai monks will also spread the teachings of Yemmu to neighbouring Wesdaland, and elvish-oronai yemmuists had an important role in the founding and development of the Order of the Knights of Light.
Today, Yemmuism is one of the most widely spread religions in Yeia and the first one to be preached across the kwown world. And its followers and influence  hasn't stop increasing.

Tenets of Faith

We can describe the teachings of Yemmu according to some basic principles:
  • Every human has the power of magic within. There is no need to be a preach or have elven blood to perform the highest levels of magic.
  • Clear separation between light magic (good) and dark magic (evil).
  • Mastering of magic can only be obtained through methods such as meditation, training and reading magical books.
  • There is no specific god or pantheon, the  teachings of Yemmu do not interfere with following another faith.
  • Magic can only be use for doing good: helping other people, animals, curing deseases, and in combat can only be used to protect others or for self defense. 


Followers of Yemmu can worship their master ( as he can be considered kind of a semi god ) reciting their preachings in front of their statue or meditating at a monastery or in a quiet room at their home. Yemmuist doctrine says that "studying, meditating and practicing magic is the way to honor and worship our holy and wise master".
Many prefer to spend one morning or an entire day at the nearest monastery medidating alongside the monks and also practising their skills with them .


Yemuism doesn't have  priests as we understand them. They do not have temples either but instead they have monasteries where dozens to hundreds of monks live and study the teachings of their master.  They can perform religious ceremonies reading the teachings of Yemmu to the faithful in front of the its statue,  and also train them in magical arts. 


The  Order of the Knights of Light st not an specific sect, rather, it can be considered at the armed branch of the Yemmuist faith. They have swore to defend those practising light magic against the forces of darkness and their code of honor and conduct is based on the teachings of Yemmu. 

Magic is within you

Founding Date
153 AP
Religious, Organised Religion
Permeated Organizations

Quotes related to the faith

  • But you,mighty king, are yourself a half elf right? -Ask Valenes.
  • Yes i am-answered the king
  • Then you are trained in the arts of magic and you know how to control your mind and body while performing- said Valenes.
  • Indeed i am trained and i search for the perfect balance inside my body so i can perform invocations of mythical creatures or make water emanate from rocks- claimed the king.
  • Then your majesty, why don't you use it for good, to help the citizens of your kingdom that need a lot of help- suggested the sage
  • What do you suggest?, that i shall use my magical powers to heal them and to feed them-inquired the king
  • Thats the way my Master has tought me- answered Valenes- thats the way of the true follower of the light side of magic, to help the ones that need it and not to use it to do harm to neither the innocent or even the insolent.
    — Extract from The Tale of King Menander, written in the elvish language by an elf monk called Nahrennur.
  • Search inside you and you'll see the power of magic inside you. Because the Gods have granted all humans the power of magic. But this magic doesnt mean that you can do whatever you want. No, this power must be used to do good things to other. If your neighbour is sick, you can use magic to cure him. If there is a shortage of food, you can create more. Where is chaos, you can create harmony.
    — Fragment of the Book of the "Teachings of Yemu" (ca. 256 AP)

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