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Claire, knight of Telorion Castle

Ooh... a foreigner? or a pilgrim? are you in a diplomatic mission? or... oh, so sorry I have gotten carried away with emotion, welcome to Telorion Castle! Please come in, how can we help you?


The background story of Claire is the same as her twin sister, Anne, they became orphans after their parents died during a nomadic raid on their village. The two little girls managed to survive by hiding in a straw loft. Two days later they were found in a street by Sir Mortimer of Castlefield, a famous Knight of Light who took them into his custody and took them to Telorion Castle where they were raised and educated by him and the rest of the brothers and sisters of the Order.

When they reached 16 years of age, they swore the oath and became Knights of the Order of the Knights of Light since that date.


Despite sharing the same pink hair as her sister, Claire is easy recognizable fom her sister by the fact that her hair is straight and not curly like Anne's and she also doesn't wear glasses. But, as Godfrey funnily said once:

If you see a recently woken up Claire and Anne without glasses, they just look the same, because of Claire's messy hair
Claire by Callyxtus


Claire is totally different from her twin sister in terms of personality. She is extrovert, funny, and sometimes naughty and clumsy, but she is also curious, humble and just as her sister.


Claire is always happy to meet foreigners or to receive people from their nearby villages. She is a very active girl, she is always willing to do the errands sent to her by other members of the order or the Grand Master and is the first one to be in the training grounds for some sparring sessions or magical training.


Role inside the Order

Because of his social skills the Grand Master and other high-ranking knights always send Claire to talk with the authorities and specially while dealing with the tenants that work for the castle and the Order if they have a problem. Local peasants love her because of her cheerfulness and because he is always willing to help them dealing with planning buildings, settling disputes or fighting some bandits or goblins from time to time.


Claire as well as her sister has the rank of "soldier”, lowest in the chain of command of the Order of the Knights of Light, although in two years both sisters will be able to promote to the next rank of "Cape". Claire is also part of the explorer group of Telorion Castle and so, her main goal is to locate (and if possible, thanks to her magic disperse) local bandit camps as well as discover new dungeons or, more dangerously, open dungeons that might let monsters roam free around the countryside.

Likes and Dislikes

Claire feels really uncomfortable around very serious people because of her cheerful personality and also dislikes unfair people. She is always willing to do some sparring alongside brother Jérome or to practise some magic. Magical meditation (for restoring one's mana) is one of the favourite moments for Claire as she enjoys relaxing while doing this.

Despite her active personality she hates chores (specially tiding up the room she and her sister share together, something that drives her sister Anne mad). She is also very interesting in weapons, she always wants to try the new swords, poleaxes, lances etc... .

Unlike her sister, whose favourite drink is hot tea, Claire prefers mead or, in summer icy elven coffee. One thing that Claire would like to have is one of those fancy plate amours that are so popular among nights in the North-West of Teria, she is always asking Grand Master Almaric to buy a complete plate armour set for her.

  • (Claire): Please, Almaric, you can buy some nice plate armour for me, chainmail can't resist the blows of the most powerful monst... .
  • (Almaric): It's very expensive, Claire.
  • (Claire): But you're the Grand Master, besides, our brothers in the north wear fancy plate armour, and they look really cool!.
  • (Almaric): Do you know how much it would cost to bring an artisan from these lands, and how dangerous it would be for him to travel to Telorion Castle?.
  • (Claire): But he doesn't need to come here, he would have to just... you know... send the armour pieces and that's all!.
  • (Almaric): And how would he take your measurements? What do I do, send him a note?. Crafting that kind of armour is something very personal.
  • (Claire): Fine! But I tell you, if we ever have enough money I won't stop until you buy me one, or I swear I'm going to travel to Boria on the Delta and buy one from those Valian merchants!. And let me also tell you that I'm not the only one interesting in buying that thing, Anne is also interested, right Anne?.
  • (Anne): I...I didn't say such a thing! Don't use me as an excuse! Besides, what was I going to do with all those heavy pieces on me...
  • (Claire): Oh come on sis, Could you... I don't know... help me from time to time, right?
  • (Anne): I'll help you when you tidy up your room!
  • — Just a normal day at Telorion Castle.

    Another of her recent passions is making miniatures on the books that are written at the scriptorium. Almost everyone at Castle Telorion is impressed with the skills of the young night, including Godfrey which is the main scribe.

    Accesories and specialized equipment

    Claire's equipment is mostly the standard equipment every Knight of Light has, but, unlike the other knights that wear a dagger as a secondary weapon, Claire carries a mace, ideal for smashing the heads of the goblins or other small and medium sized monsters she might encounter while exploring a dungeon. In her small bag she also carries a magic wand in case she needs to cast a powerful spell (which cannot be done with just her hands).


    She also carries a notebook with a little map in which she writes down and draws the dungeons and places inhabited by monsters that she finds when she goes out to explore.


    As with her twin sister, Claire's motivation to join the order of the Knights of Light, as well as her sister's is driven by a will to protect the to protect the weak (based on their traumatic experience of losing their parents). And, since they were rescued by a Knight of Light and having spent much of their life at Telorion Castle, both sisters believe life as knights of the order fits them really well because with their magical abilities and their skills in combat they could really help the common people.

    Contacts and relationships

    Claire can't live without her sister Anne. They are inseparable from each other, and despite the differences in personality, the two complement each other perfectly. When it's time for breakfast or dinner they always eat together and before going to sleep they like to chat a little about how their day went. Claire considers Anne to be her best companion on an expedition and always asks her to accompany her to eliminate monsters in the dungeons.

    Anne, are you free this afternoon? Help me eliminate some monsters in a dungeon! Eh...what do you mean you have to investigate the effect of those potions? That can wait, come on come with me!

    Sir Mortimer is the closest thing to father figure to both Claire and Anne. He rescued them from their burned village and gave both of them a new life so both sisters have a lot of respect and gratitude for the famous knight. He also taught Claire the basics of fencing and combat as well as the basic rules to follow a good and pious Yemuist life as a Knight of Light. Both him and Almaric of Tapuy, Grand Master of the Order and Lord of Telorion Castle, are the moral and ethical guides to both sisters.


    Jérome is also a great companion to Anne, being an experienced knight and having fighting quite a few monsters in dungeons and other places, Jérome has taught Claire many valuable combat lessons, and sometimes when he is not busy he usually helps her clearing the more "difficult" dungeons.

    Sister Jeanne is another of Claire's pillars. She is like a mother figure to her as well as to her sister. She enjoys spending her free time with her and her sister chatting at the courtyard of the castle, and she is the first one she goes to if she has any problem, since Sir Mortimer is usually quite busy helping Grand Master Almaric.


    Godfrey is also a good friend to Claire, especially since recently Claire became interesting in miniature drawing and book illumination. And, and since they are approximately the same age and arrived at the Order at practically the same time, Claire considers Godfrey as one of her family, and that also includes Claire also taking any opportunity to play a little prank on him.


    Claire, knight of Telorion Castle

    Sister (Vital)

    Towards Anne, Librarian of Telorion Castle



    Anne, Librarian of Telorion Castle

    Sister (Vital)

    Towards Claire, knight of Telorion Castle



    lawful good
    Parents (Adopting)
    bright blue
    Short, Pink
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Aligned Organization

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