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Hi, thank you for checking out one of my worlds and my profile. A little background about myself I've been gaming and playing RPG's tabletop games and enjoying anime most of my life. I started playing dungeons and Dragons at age 7. I also have ADHD and dyslexia, so I do apologize for the randomness and sometimes the bad grammar and spelling. This means that also it's going to take me quite a long time to get these projects done because I have a challenging time sticking to one. I have literally created five worlds you see and probably a lot more you don't see. I do have my main world that's Elema which would have most of my work.
Now what I am hoping to do with these worlds. is to create different worlds where people will be able to play in one day and come up with great ideas. Also if I'm lucky write some stories. The main world I will be working on is Elema. that is because it is the first world and my favorite because I love the fantasy genre. This all got started because of both me and my wife play RPGs of all types. We have so many characters that she gave me a challenge. To build a world where we can put them all in. So now I do have a world for them and I am slowly integrating them into there.
I do have other worlds because I do run other campaigns and games and so that makes me want to build and make my own stuff for those worlds. I also have a few hidden ones that are making my own OC's in the world that they're from.
I hope you guys have a great time exploring the worlds I'm building and get great ideas or love some of the weirdness I make.

Favorite TV Series

I am a huge fan of anime I have watched over 500 different series. my favorite is Fullmetal alchemist/brotherhood. I love the action in the story and the magic system. It has everything I love about anime wrapped up into one. I do watch all types of anime so John or I probably have seen him at least a good set of anime in it. I did watch nonanime shows but not so recently my favorites are Bones and Eureka and also Gilmore girls next to my wife

Favorite Books

I'm not much of a book reader I either tend to thanks to my ADHD and dyslexia either not understand falling asleep or my favorite make up my own story after reading a couple of pages. The ones that I have read are Harry Potter and Dresden files and also Organomics which I do highly suggest they are very good books it just took me forever to get through.

Favorite Games

Now we're talking board games tabletop video games or life 'cause I love games and then I played them all my life.
With video games my favorite R devil may cry Mega Man Dragon Age Mass Effect. and these are in any order and I do well play almost most RPGs and a lot of actions game. I'm not that much into player versus players so no MOBA or most Shooters for me.
Tabletop RPG games my favorite system is Pathfinder and traveler but I am not limited there I will really play almost any system you get into. and have played a lot of different systems.
four games are great I love them and can't get enough of them I love the family-friendly ones all the way to dark humor. My favorite board game though has to be Betrayal on Haunted Hill. Is literally playing over like 100 different B class horror movies and it's so fun and y'all know who's going to be the haunt or how you got to survive to it happens so yeah let's go out there and have some fun there's a lot of games to play