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Entries for WAWA 2024

WAWA is here!! And its time to vote!! I'm very glad that we're able to choose the articles we want regardless of date, so I can submit the articles from previous years that I'm really proud of !.  


Map of the Kingdom of Oronia
This is the map of the Kingdom of Oronia around the year 800 AP and depicts its main cities and locations as well as their history. The map is also valid for the Kingdom of Oronia before the reign of Magas the Great and the conquest of the Sephenian Empire in the 6th century AP.

Gallery of Awesome Beings

I think this is a good title for this section because OMG, this year's WAWA submissions are AWESOME, congratulations to each one of you (regarding if you made it to my shortlist) you made it incredibly difficult for me to choose both the shortlist of articles and the winner. Keep doing such an amazing job fellow Anvilites!. So, without further ado, these are my shortlists.

Hearts & Minds

Rise of Nations

Wondrous Nature

Strength and Honor

Pillars of Progress

Myths & Legends

History Award

Cartography Award

Show spoiler

Best Worldbuilding article


Most beautiful world

Best World

Best newcomer


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Mar 20, 2024 12:16 by TJ Trewin

Absolutely stunning entries, congratulations on your hard work and efforts making these!! Best of luck in your nominations :D

Journals of Yesteryear

Apr 3, 2024 19:34

Thank you TJ!! You too!! Amazing submissions!! Best of luck to you too!! ^^ (And sorr for the late reply)

Mar 20, 2024 16:47 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Good luck this year! :D Happy to see the Games here!

Apr 3, 2024 22:04

Damn, thanks again for reading my stuff and holy moly, thank you twice for including not only Pastwalker, but also Chocolate too <3

Your entries are always a delight to read and I would have double-liked them if I could. Sadly some of them I had already read in the past, so it was a delightful re-read. :D

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Apr 4, 2024 12:38 by Myth Cross

Awesome Picks! ^^ You have some awesome Articles as well! Thanks for including Arc Sagas w this awesome list!


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