Greater Deities

Even if we all like to believe that we truly own our own life and decisions - and this is true, at least to an extent - there are many powerful entities out there, shaping and influencing the world and every single one of us. You might not agree with their teachings or actions, but you can't deny their existence and influence. They have been here long before any of us, and they will be here long after all of us are gone.
— A sage contemplating the powers of this world
  After the War of Fate the influence of the Gods and other extra planar entities dwindled, but it never completely vanished. There are many powerful beings out there, and you will find a place of worship for most of them somewhere in Lothrea. But the most known and most worshipped entities are the Ten Greater Deities. You will find temples and shrines to them in every major hub of civilization.  

The Siblings of the Sky

In the beginning, there was nothing. No time, no space, only darkness; an endless and eternal void of nothingness. But this is only part of the truth. Because in this endless void, there was a single mote of light. A tiny piece of light and hope - the beginning of something great. The beginning of everything that exists today.
For an eternity, this mote of light was the only thing that existed, but eventually it grew tired and bored. So it gave itself up and gave birth to the elements, and three new lights in the dark. The elements formed the world as we know it, and the lights grew into the three siblings of the Sky. Yana - the Lady of Light, Tria - the Source of Magic, and Izral - the Force of Change.
To this day, the Sun reminds the Mortals of Yana's love, Trius the big moon in the sky reminds them of Tria's Magic, and Izrak, the red moon, reminds them of Izral's change.
— The beginning of Lothrea


Goddess of the Sun, Light, Love, and Temptation

Every morning the Sun rises and stands bright in the sky. It brings light, love, and life to this world. Yana is the patron of the sun, and the Lady of Light. She teaches her followers to care for everyone, to be a bright light in the dark, and to love freely and without regret. Many people pray for Yana's blessing every day - kings and beggars alike.

Stay in the light. Be the best person you can be.
Love freely and without regret.
Bring light to everyone who needs it.



Goddess of the Moon, Healing, Magic, and Twilight

Tria has been here since the beginning of time. She is the source of magic and the patron of twilight and shadows. Her followers are scattered all over the world and come from all walks of life. Highly valued practitioners of the Arcane Arts and the most skilled healers count to her followers as much as criminals, assassins, and everybody else who wants to stay in the shadows.

Magic is a tool. Use it freely, but respect its power.
Stay in the twilight. Too much light and everything burns. Too much darkness and the world dies.
You are the architect of your own path. You are responsible for your own life.


God of Change, War, Bravery, and Suffering

Many people fear change. Seeing Izrak, the red moon, standing in the sky is seen as a bad omen in many cultures. But change is not bad. Change is nessesary and inevitable. Followers of Izral have embraced this. Only those who can adapt to new circumstances can survive. Many warriors and soldiers, but also inventors and other forward thinking people, are praying for his blessing.

Embrace change. Only the brave will survive.
War is an engine of change. Fight for what you believe is right.
Suffering is unavoidable in the face of change. Push through and grow.

The Children of the Earth

Just a few decades after the first Mortals appeared on Lothrea their faith gave birth to new entities and new gods. These new arrivers fought for followers and prevalence. They fought many bloody wars, influenced great cultures and people, trying to find worshippers all over the world. But in the end, only five of them remained. All others have fallen into obscurity or oblivion.
— The Chronicles of Lothrea


God of Order, Law, Protection, and Tyranny

Nothing can strive without Law and Order, as Chaos is pure destruction. Mialdir teaches to follow the law to the letter, no matter what you believe is good or evil. The law stands above all, above your morals, and above your beliefs. Followers of Mialdir believe that the only way to avoid the eventual destruction of all life, is for everyone to obey a common law and bring order to this world.

Without law, there is no order and without order there is no life.
Protect the order and laws of this world. Without them, everything will fall apart.
People don't know what's best for them. Force them to obey the law if you have to.


God of Travel, Commerce, Civilisation, and Greed

Lornan came into existence, as one of the last gods of his time. When people started to live together, they formed pockets of civilisation. They traded with each other, which gave birth to the god of Commerce and Civilisation. He wants the Mortals to come together, learn from each other and thrive. Together, people can achieve so much more than any single one of them ever could. Merchants, politicians, travelers, crafters and artisans - you can find them all among his followers.

The Whole is always stronger than its single parts. Work together and flourish.
Travel and see the world. Make new experiences, meet other cultures and learn from them.
Take what is rightfully yours, but take nothing that isn't.


Goddess of Joy, Beauty, Passion, and Envy

Ashryn the daughter of Yana, is the patron of joy and beauty. She tells everyone to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. Don't look back, don't think about what you are doing, regret nothing, just move forward and enjoy every day by itself. The world is beautiful, and it's the right of every mortal creature to enjoy it. Her followers are artists, travelers, musicians and many more free thinking spirits.

Live Life to its fullest and enjoy everything it has to offer.
Embrace your passions, don't let anybody stop you.
Leave everything behind that doesn't bring you joy.


God of Knowledge, Peace, Justice, and Apathy

Knowledge is the most valuable thing you can imagine. It helps you make rational and fair decisions, and without it you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Elmos is the Keeper of Knowledge, and records everything that happens. He has never intervened in any mortal affairs. He is just an observer. It is said that his domain is an endless library containing all past, current and future knowledge.

Knowledge is power. Only those who know their past can build a successful and peaceful future.
Only through knowledge, you can be just. Don't judge people, if you don't have all the facts.
Logic and Reason are better guides than Instinct and Emotion.


Goddess of Life, Nature, Weather, Poison, and Disease

Zethris is as unpredictable as nature itself. Her touch brings life, but her wrath can destroy entire countries. She is the patron of nature and the sea. She controls wind, rain and weather. Farmers and Sailors alike pray for her good will.

Protect all life, no matter which form it takes.
Embrace the untamed places of this world. Live in harmony with them.
Nature is wild and unpredictable. Don't stand in the way of an unstoppable force.

The new Gods

During the Age of Arcanum, civilisation thrived and Mortals got more and more powerful, until two of them ascended to godhood. Today not much is known about their mortal life, or the Gods that preceded them. Both of them did their best to destroy every knowledge or evidence of that, out of fear it might be used against them. But today, they are as influential as all the other gods out there.
— The Chronicles of Lothrea

The Lady of Crows

Goddess of Death, Fate, and Destiny

The name of the goddess of death has been long lost to time. Today she is only known as the Lady of Crows, The Weaver of Fate or the Queen of Winter. Her followers are valued all over the world, guiding those who have passed into the afterlife.

Death is gentle
Don't mourn who you have lost. Be glad about the time you had with them.
Death is inevitable
It will come for everything that's alive. Make the best out of the time you have
Death is final. Fate is set.
There is no way back when your time has come


God of the Forge, Arts, Creation and Destruction

Idros was the greatest artisan of his time. His skills far exceeded those of anybody else, and even the gods themselves came to him for his work. The items he created count to the most powerful artifacts in existence, and eventually - through his craft - he ascended into godhood. This has inspired many crafters and artisans to strive for perfection, and change the world, like Idros. His followers believe that only through the labours of your own hand and mind, you can achieve everything you can imagine.

Create new things with your hands and mind. Your creativity is your only limit.
Strive for perfection in your craft. The highest honor is changing the world, through the labours of your work.
Don't fear destroying things that did not work. Sometimes old stuff has to go, to make room for better work.


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