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God of Order, Law, Protection, and Tyranny

Nothing can strive without Law and Order, as Chaos is pure destruction. Mialdir teaches to follow the law to the letter, no matter what you believe is good or evil. The law stands above all, above your morals, and above your beliefs. Followers of Mialdir believe that the only way to avoid the eventual destruction of all life, is for everyone to obey a common law and bring order to this world.  
Tenets of Faith
Order is Life. Without law, there is no order and without order there is no life.
The Law is paramount. Protect the order and laws of this world. Without them, everything will fall apart.
Enforce Order at all cost. People don't know what's best for them. Force them to obey the law if you have to.


Mialdir is often depicted as a stoic blind male human, in full plate armor, carrying a shield and no weapons. His blindness symbolizes the unbiased nature of the law - in front of the law, and in front of Miladir, everybody is equal. His armor and shield symbolize the protection he provides to his folowers, while the absence of weapons shows that if you follow the order of the world, violence is not nessesary.  


The law stands above all, and obedience to the law is paramount. According to Miladir, it's the highest moral duty to adhere strictly to the laws set out by him and by society. Individuals are expected to prioritize the letter of the law over personal beliefs or moral considerations. Mialdir also puts a high value on the preservation of order. Individuals are required to sacrifice personal desires or comfort for the stability and harmony of society. The whole is always more important than the individual.   Those in positions of authority are morally obligated to enforce the law justly and without favoritism. They are also expected to protect the weak, not out of compassion, but because a stable society depends on the well-being of all its members. Protection is seen as a means to maintain order, not necessarily as an act of kindness. Similarly dissent and rebellion are viewed as threats to the established order. It is morally justifiable to suppress them for the sake of maintaining stability.  


As one of countless other gods, Mialdir was born from the mortal's belief in the Dawnera. Eventually it became clear that the mortal's faith can't sustain all the new gods, and they started to fight for followers and prevalence. Mialdir himself never joined these skirmishes, believing that he is part of the greater order of the universe, and either it has a place for him, or it doesn't.   Ultimately the fight between the gods escalated, and the entire world was thrown into chaos. The War for Dawn ravished over the world, destroying countless great civilisations and peoples. As the war went on, Mialdir became one of the central figures, trying to protect people from being caught between the front lines. In the end, he was responsible to convince the sisters of the sky Tria and Yana to intervene in the war.   During the Age of Arcanum, Mialdir and his followers were often called upon to draft and ratify treaties and contracts. These contracts - no matter if they have been formed between individuals or empires - are still upheld today, and protected by the god himself.   The last known country to break one of these treaties was the Kingdom of Murokai, towards the end of the Age of Arcanum. They signed the Meisian' Declaration, joining the empire together with the other 6 kingdoms of the southern continent. Just a couple of decades later, they broke the declaration in order to take control of the empire.   It's unclear what exactly happened next, but within a couple of hours after turning against the Meisian Empire, the entire kingdom of Murokai was destroyed. The once lush and fertile hills turned into dust and barren lands - its capital reduced to the foundations, and every single settlement turned to ashes. The wrath of Mialdir hit the great kingdom and left only the Steppe of Murokai behind.  
The Meisian Empire is a fragile collection of different cultures and people, held together by a single thing - fear. The destruction of Murokai showed what happens should the kingdoms turn their backs on the empire they have built together. Fear is a powerful motivator, but it doesn't provide a solid foundation for good relations. I can only hope that eventually the kingdoms can grow together and overcome their differences, but until then, Mialdir's wrath is the best motivator we have.
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Divine Domains
Order, Law, Protection & Tyranny

Major Temples
Holidays & Celebrations

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Dec 1, 2023 21:50 by Annie Stein

Does Mialdir have his own code of law, or is it more that he expects his followers to follow local laws?

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Dec 2, 2023 10:44

In a way, it's both. Most laws in Lothrea are written in his name, or by his followers. While there are a few laws Mialdir himself puts forth, they are pretty basic ones, used to keep order. Things like "You shall not kill (if it isn't necessary to keep order)"

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Dec 1, 2023 21:57

Interesting. As I was reading I started to thing that Mialdir is what would become if Tyr and Bane from D&D lore were combined

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Dec 2, 2023 10:52

Those similarities never really occurred to me, but now that you mentioned it, I can see it. One of my primary goals when creating my pantheon was to have grey gods, so no completely good nor evil gods. Seeing that Mialdir invokes aspects of Tyr (a good god) and Bane (an evil god) means I have accomplished that goal. Thank you!

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Dec 1, 2023 22:20

Strict and unmoving. Has Mialdir or his followers ever changed a specific law?

Dec 2, 2023 10:48

no.   But for real, the complete explanation is a bit more complicated. Technically they never change laws, at least not during an ongoing investigation. When it becomes obvious that a law is not working as intended, it does get changed, but if you are investigated for breaking that law, you are still punished for breaking that law, even if the change would mean you are innocent. Mialdir doesn't really care if a law is just, or a punishment is justified. It's all about the exact letter of the law.

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Dec 2, 2023 11:02

Ooh harsh. But makes sense for someone like Mialdir.

Dec 1, 2023 22:49 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Oo, force them to obey the law if necessary. Slightly sinister, there.   I feel like after Murokai people would be very wary of crossing Mialdir. XD

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 2, 2023 10:55

Thank you! One of the main reasons the Meisian Empire is still one empire today, is their fear of crossing Mialdir again. It's a collection of very different kingdoms, who only banded together, because they thought it was their only way to survive one of the greatest wars that ever hit this world. And now they are kinda stuck with each other, fearing that if they break apart, Mialdir's wrath will struck them down, like it once did to Murokai.

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Dec 2, 2023 00:36

Can't say if I like him or not. But great job, gives serious Shadowhunter vibes where they say "The Law is the Law" and basically nothing stands over it. And the image is just spot on.

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Dec 2, 2023 10:53

Thank you!   "Can't say if I like him or not.". Perfect. That means I have accomplished my goal. I don't like purely good or evil gods, so went for a more grey approach, and apparently that worked!

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Jan 3, 2024 18:56

Very interesting article! What happens if the law is bad or is oppressing people in some way?

Jan 4, 2024 14:03

Thank you! Mialdir doesn't really care if the law is good, or bad, or if it is oppressing people in some way. His followers are told to follow the law exactly like it's written, even if that means harming people. Mialdir isn't nessesarily a good or evil god

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