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The Tuomari

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Without the Tuomari, the Meisian Empire as we know it today, would not exist. You need to understand, the seven southern Kingdoms, have fought between each other for ages. There was - and probably still is - a lot of bad blood between the regions. Some of them could not have been more different. But when they were all faced with extinction during the War of Fate, Mialdir the god of civilisation stepped in. He united the southern Kingdoms and formed the Meisian Empire. To keep the order and peace within the new Empire, he created the Tuomari, a group of his most faithfull followers, to keep order and law.


The members of this organisation, hold the title Tuomari. The organisation does not have a real leadership and important decisions are taken by a vote. A Tuomari always only wears simple white robes and walks barefeet. They are not allowed to hold any worldy possessions, but need to fully dedicate themselves to their faith.   After someone gets appointed into priesthood, by a vote of all other priests, they take an oath of silence. From this moment on, they will only talk to deliver a judgement in the court of law.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Tuomari are an essential part within the Meisian Empire. They are not only the prominent relgious organization, but they are fully integrated into the political system of the country. The Tuomari are the keepers of law, they are mediators and judges. Whenever any citizen of the Empire, is not happy with the ruling of an Protector, they can appeal for the Tuomari to judge their case. The ruling of the Tuomari always exceeds the ruling of any protector, even the Great Protector themselves.   When a Great Protector dies, or the other Protectors are no longer happy with the current Great Protector, the Tumari will call a council to decide who the next Great Protector of Meisian will be. For this council, all six Protectors come together and elect a new Great Protector. If this vote ends in a tie, three times in a row, the Tuomari decide the vote instead.
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