Lawhouse of Montis

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The Lawhouse is a temple of the Tuomari to Mialdir and it's also the court of the city and the protectorate. The main court room is only used for very important legal matters, but there are various smaller court rooms as well.


The temple is built from whitewashed sandstone and is one of the biggest buildings of the city. It's located right next to the main market square, and a big staircase leads up to it. Five Huge pillars hold up the roof at the front.   Once you step through the big main entrance, you will enter the lobby of the temple, which reaches over 3 stories. From here you have access to all parts of the temple. Right on the other side of the main entrance, another big gate leads down towards the sanctum. A big court, with a statue of Mialdir right behind the seat of the judge. The seats for visitors are placed in a circle sloping downwards. Inside the court room, nobody is allowed to speak, except if they are called as a witness or need to question a witness.


The Lawhouse started construction shortly before the War of Fate, and got completed in the year 10 MOR. The smaller temple used before that, is now the main adminstration building of the city.   In the year 753 MOR the city was attacked by a legion of Darkelves, and the temple was one of the main targets. It's currently unknown what they wanted to achieve with the attack on the temple, but a group of adventures, called The Brotherhood, defated the Darkelves, before they could reach the temple.
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