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God of Knowledge, Peace, Justice and Apathy

Knowledge is the most valuable thing you can imagine. It helps you make rational and fair decisions, and without it you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Elmos is the Keeper of Knowledge, and records everything that happens. He has never intervened in any mortal affairs. He is just an observer. It is said that his domain is an endless library containing all past, current and future knowledge.  
Tenets of Faith
Knowledge is Peace. Only those who know their past can build a successful and peaceful future.
Knowledge brings Justice. Don't judge people, if you don't have all the facts.
Knowledge means Reason. Logic and Reason are better guides than Instinct and Emotion.


by Midjourney
As Elmos has never intervened in any mortal affairs, nobody knows what his preferred appearance might be, or if he even has an appearance. When his followers depict him in a humanoid form, they usually use the image of a mature or old man, in simple clothes, holding a book.   More often than not, depictions of Elmos are more abstract, using images and symbol to represent the deity. The most commonly used symbols include an open book, a quill, or simple geometric shapes.

Morals and Values

Elmos' followers believe that only through knowledge can you achieve enlightenment. It's the duty of every living soul to strive for constant improvement and lifelong learning. Knowledge and wisdom are the sole guides to a brighter future. Emotions and instinct should be suppressed as they will only mislead, even in the face of knowledge.   The highest responsibility of Elmos' priest is the gathering and preservation of knowledge, and the eradication of misinformation and falsehoods. Knowledge is a universal good, and should be accessible to anyone willing to learn. Elmos doesn't care how this knowledge is used. In the end, it's just a tool, able to do good and evil. It's the responsibility of the individual to decide what they want to achieve.   As the deity of justice, he also teaches his followers to listen to all sides of a conflict. To hear every perspective and to unveil the truth behind any deception. Nobody shall be judged without having enough information to back up that judgement. His followers believe that in the face of the truth, no conflict can stand, and peace is the only logical conclusion.  

Perception & Worship

Elmos takes a very passive and distant stance. He never intervenes in any mortal or divine affairs, only recording history. Because of that, not many people pray for his blessing. His followers don't really worship Elmos as a deity, but embrace his teachings as a way of life. People have built many libraries and educational institutions in his name, sharing knowledge with everyone willing to learn.   Many scholars and researchers have looked for Elmos' domain, the The Library of Everything that Was, Is and Will be, but nobody has found it so far, or they vanished during their journey. Some dedicate their entire lives to this quest, while most believe it to be a useless witch hunt leading nowhere. It's unclear if this mystical place even exists, but the lure of a library containing all past, current and future knowledge, everything that was, every version of history that could have been, and every imaginable future, is just to great to resist.
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Divine Domains
Knowledge, Peace, Justice and Apathy
Divine Classification
Greater Deity

Holidays & Celebrations
The Library of Everything that Was, Is and Will be
Building / Landmark | Dec 7, 2023

A mysterious place, believed to be the domain of Elmos, god of knowledge. A library containing a record of everything that once was, that currently is and everything that will be

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Dec 7, 2023 23:41 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Elmos is my kind of deity. I love the link with justice too.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 8, 2023 17:14

I think Elmos is one of the deities I personally would be associated with, if I'd live in Lothrea.   Glad you liked it!

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All of your deity articles are so well designed! I love how all of them have a questionable side to them - yeah Elmos is all about preserving knowledge, learning from the past, and finding peace, but also emotion bad!! Goes to show that too far in any direction can lead you astray.

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Thank you! One of my primary goals was to give every deitiy a questionable side. To push their domains to far until you end up with a negative side as well. I'm really happy that I managed to get that part across :D

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