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God of the Forge, Arts, Creation and Destruction

Idros was the greatest artisan of his time. His skills far exceeded those of anybody else, and even the gods themselves came to him for his work. The items he created count among the most powerful artifacts in existence, and eventually - through his craft - he ascended into godhood. This has inspired many crafters and artisans to strive for perfection, and change the world, like Idros. His followers believe that only through the labours of your own hand and mind, you can achieve everything you can imagine.  
Tenets of Faith
Create new things. Create them with your hands and mind. Your creativity is your only limit.
Strive for perfection. The highest honor is changing the world, through the labours of your work.
Let go. Destroy things that did not work to make room for better work.


Idros usually takes on the appearance of his once mortal form, an old dwarven man with long gray hair and beard. He is usually depicted focused on one of his creations, with a slight smile on his face.   The god of the arts doesn't really care about his own appearance, but prefers to let his work speak for him. He still doesn't see himself as a singular divine entity, only as a leading example in the arts and the forge.  

Morals & Values

Idros values innovation and urges his followers to break free from convention. The pursuit of new ideas and creative solutions is at the core of his teachings. He encourages crafters, artisans and everybody else to embrace their creativity and their unique perspectives and approaches to change the world.   He also teaches to strive for perfection through lifelong learning and constant improvement. Mastery is a journey, not a destination, and everybody should always strive to refine their skills. The path to perfection is long and challenging. Idros teaches his followers the importance of patience and tenacity on their way to achieve greatness.
Beauty in Function

Idros believes that true craftmanship involves not only creating functional items, but infusing them with beauty. A well-crafted object should be both beautiful and practical. Followers are encouraged to seek a balance between form and function, understanding that the visual appeal of creation is as significant as its utility.

Respect for Creation

An artisan is only as good as the materials they get to work with. It's the duty of every crafter to respect the materials they work with, to use them carefully and sparingly. Your work should not hinder future generations to achieve their own goals. Everybody has a responsibility to consider the long-term impact of their creations on the environment and the world.

Destruction as part of Creation

Destruction is an important part of the process of creation. Failed ideas have to make room for new thoughts and unsuccessful projects become the foundations of new creations. Simultaneously, some projects and creations might ultimately be more harmful than expected, and it's the duty of every artisan to destroy their own work, before its unintended effects harm the world.

Celebrate Imperfections

Idros acknowledges that perfection is an ideal, but not always attainable. Followers are taught to learn from mistakes and imperfections, viewing them as opportunities for growth and refinement. Only those who refuse to learn from their mistakes have truly failed.



The Age of Arcanum
The origins of an artisan
Idros was born in Kamorda during the late Age of Arcanum. In contrast to The Lady of Crows, who also achieved divinity, Idros does not hide his mortal origins - using them to inspire his followers to strive for greatness instead.   He learned the ancient craft of the city, preferring the company of his creations over the company of other living and breathing people, and became one of the best artisans of his time. His creations are foundations of Kamorda's infrastructure and defenses to this day. Idros improved the walls of the city, created the Cable Cars that supply it, and found a way to propel the rafts on the Avoratt without the need of manual labor.  
Strive for perfection
When the gods come and ask for your work
Eventually, even the gods came to him for his work. Zethris herself commissioned him to create a weapon worthy for her champion, a weapon powerful enough to unleash the wrath of nature on her enemies. So he created Tempestas, the Stormbringer. A lightning shaped blade able to wield the destructive forces of nature. But before Idros could give his creation to the goddess of nature, Izral became aware of the blade and claimed it as his own.   Being a man of his words, Idros went back to his workshop and started work on another item, worthy of Zethris' champion. Over the course of weeks he created the Staff of Storms, an item even more powerful, infused with Zethris' very own divine essence - able to control wind and weather, the waves and the sea. It gave the wielder the ability to let nature grow and bloom, and also let it wither away at will.   Proud of his creation, he called on the goddess, presenting his finest work to her. Pleased by the item, Zethris took the artefact, without pay or thanks, and vanished into the winds.    
Ascension to Divinity
When the gods have forsaken you
  Highly angry at his interactions with the gods and their ungratefulness for his work, Idros decided that it was time for him to strive for more. When the gods are not willing to protect and respect the crafts, he would have to do so himself.   Just a couple days after his interaction with Zethris, Idros left Kamorda and went on a long journey around the world, improving and honing his skills even further. During this time he learned of the failed attempt of a woman of Escal to reach divinity, during the War for Dawn.   Idros dedicated the next couple decades to understanding the ritual and what went wrong. He found the flaws in the magic, and created items and tools to counteract the forces that ultimately destroyed the woman in her hubris.   Ultimately, on the 3rd of Sunrest, 257 years before the destruction of the Silver-Heart-Bastion, during the Autumn Equinox, Idros replicated the ritual, and ascended into godhood.  
A new God
The first mortal to reach divinity
Idros' ascension changed the divine pantheon and the perception of it forever. For many of his followers, divinity was no longer some inherent ability of the gods, but a goal that could be achieved. While the new god destroyed the tools he used to reach this accomplishment, the gate was now open and a path laid out.   During the War of Fate a second mortal managed to follow Idros' example and ascended. The Lady of Crows was the second, and so far only mortal who walked down the path Idros laid out a couple hundred years prior.
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