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Days of Creation

One historian's attempt to teach the story of the gods

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I'll read you any book tonight, as long as it's not overly violent. Or too long. Or poorly written.
You know what? Let's read about the gods again. That's always good.
— Morgan Vazdimet
  The story of just how the gods were created has been on historian's and Entheologist's minds for as long as humans have studied history. There's been theory after theory suggested, ranging from things such as the gods grew out of the planet themselves, they were created by a bigger god eons ago, or even that they're actually aliens from outer space.   It's this last theory that actually hits closest to the truth, suggests famous historian Gideon Hale of The Seven Day War fame. Hale suggests that the gods were once human, most likely, or some form of proto-human; when some mysterious objects, power, or impact from outer space corrupted and mutated the mortals into immortal deities.   The proof, he says, is in the Ichor. The power of it, the way it mutates mortal life into strange demi-god-monster status, and the way it can grant us god-like powers through Catalurgy all point to an extreme source of power from outside of Cathedris. That, and, Hale's heard some really nasty rumours about the Legion's mission to find certain otherworldly objects -- the likely god-creating culprits, if he'd guess.

The Days of Creation

How the gods came to be!

By: Gideon Hale
Gideon Hale is an adjunct professor at the school of History at Tanasua University, located a stone's throw away from The Comprilith. He spends most of his time researching the history of the gods, before they ever became husks, and is most famous for his prior published book, The Seven Day War.    
Once, there were



Just people. Just us.
It wasn't bad! But it was a bit sad.
But suddenly, with a flash!
And a bang!
And the Biggest Boom!

King Caed
Was born!
He was so big!
He was so strong!

He was a god. The first, in fact.
Caed was surprised. He had never been a GOD before. What is a god supposed to do?
What are the rules?
What are the laws?

He thought

and thought

and thought, a lot!
Until he thought... He needed a friend!
So on the Second Day, Dimiti was found!
Dimiti was a good friend. He loved laws, and he loved balance!


"Two is too few.
Two will not do."
He said to Caed.
So Caed turned to the ocean instead...

And there in the deep, with two of a head


Sharenskus, on day Three, he said!

The humans were scared now. There were many BIG changes.
"But don't be scared", said Caed.
"For I have found a friend for you."

"They are big, full of love, and have
six arms to give all the best hugs!"

And so Caed introduced He'an to us, and on the Fourth day, Humanity felt love.
Caed had gotten good at this!

  He was on a roll!

  He was making and finding friends everywhere he look.


  And on Day Five, he found his new best friend -- Qur, who loved to build, and would build great things, all the way until the end!  
Then suddenly, someone new!

"But this is too much"
Said the mystery voice.

"Everything cannot come from nothing,"
She continued.

"The world is a cycle,
and some must be lost."

And so Xiuthan appeared on the Sixth Day, bringing along with her growth and decay.


Many were sad, but it was okay!
For that which is gone...
Becomes part of us one day.
Xiuthan's cycle was scary to all,
as it was part of everything.
But some found it beautiful, BECAUSE the cycle was everywhere!
Like T'kalia, he who is the god of time.
He didn't just arrive, he's always been here, just like time itself.

But on Day Seven T'kalia fell in love, and began his long wait for the "right time."

And so he waited.

And waited.
And waited
some more.

He knew how time worked. He would be patient, for sure.

On Day Nine...
T'kalia continued to wait.

He was happy, in his element.
He said, "Isn't it great?"
While T'kalia enjoyed Time, Caed was inspired. His friend's joy was beautiful, and he wanted it to be shared with more.

So he looked for more friends...

And there, the essence of grace,
the lover of Beauty, her name Tatete...
On Day Ten Caed saw her face!
Caed enjoyed his new friends very much.
He wanted to make more, so he did just such!
Caed used his mind,

And looked with his eyes,

So much so that on Day Eleven, there appeared Qetzel!
What a surprise!
Qetzel was wild,
he was just too fun.

He'd play jokes
on every other god
under the sun.

And then he would laugh.

Ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha

Oh, how he'd laugh.
And then, even though he wasn't all that good at it, Qetzel would dance in joy.
His jokes -- not the best.
His dancing? Even less!

But then his moves caught the sight of someone who'd stop this mess.

Miyu, who moved with such grace. On Day Fourteen...
The goddess of combat arrived to this place!
But she was not ready;
did not have her spears!

On Day Fifteen Miyu made a friend,
for she needed some gear!
Farad was his name, but make spears he could not do,
he had just fire and metal,
he needed to add more friends to this crew.
So one day later, Day number Sixteen...

They found Codod,
the hammer wielding queen!

And so the first weapons were born
from the hands of this smithing duo,

With her new twin spears, Miyu moved with such flow!
While Codod and Farad made weapons and worked on the rest,

Miyu told Qetzel to stop.
"It's really for the best."

It's now Day Eighteen, and much here has happened." Thought Caed.
"We should probably record this, the humans need our aid!"

To Rak'tos,
he turned.
  Surprised that the god just suddenly appeared.
  "You're almost done." She said.
Somehow she knew.
"And one day eventually we'll all be done too."
What she had meant, Caed wasn't sure.
But he was excited, for it was time for the victory tour.

For he'd made his final friend. Avartarian the great, on Day number Nineteen.

  All the gods had arrived,
just as foreseen.

The End


The Days of Creation

Who are the gods, and how did they come to be? Explore the Nineteen days of Creation, and soon you will see! Some even think the gods were once people, just like you and me.

Gideon Hale

Looking for book reviews! Did you enjoy this children's picture book detailing the beginning of the gods? If so, please leave a comment below, and I will include it here as a series of randomized book reviews!
— Gideon Hale, the Author

This is soooooo cool and I love it.
That's all I have to say. Five stars!

To open the book and turn its pages, click on the right and left!
The edges of the book and pages act as the controls for it.

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Cover image: Godhusks by Stormbril, background by kazuend


Author's Notes

What is your favourite illustration, or which is your favourite god in this short story? :D

And, please feel free to leave a book review! xD I will include it in a randomized section of reviews behind the book!

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18 Jul, 2023 09:26

The story in the book is so adorable! I can definitely understand why the tired parent would read this one over and over again. So well written and that CSS black magic is just perfect.   Keep up the good work! :D

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18 Jul, 2023 18:11

Yay! Thank you so much, Shadow <3

18 Jul, 2023 10:05

Another masterpiece! Congrats on the flippable book! So smooth. I love this story of creation and how all the gods are made to be all love and kindness, in a striking contrast with the records of the Seven Days War. Great work!

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18 Jul, 2023 18:12

Thanks Rumengol! Omg this was a ton of work to get going, hahahaha.   It was fun to make it differ from much of the rest of Cathedris! But also sneak in a few unsettling things, too >:D

18 Jul, 2023 13:15

I love this so much, especially the art.   It reminds me that Xiuthan needs more love from me, she is the mushroom queen. GROWTH AND DECAY.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
18 Jul, 2023 18:12
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Sapha Burnell
18 Jul, 2023 14:28

Ok this brightened up my day, and I absolutely felt the tired parent's energy in the snippet. The story book!! It's wonderful! Can't wait to come back to this when you're done!

18 Jul, 2023 18:13

Yay thank you Sapha!! That's exactly the kind of reaction I love to see :D   I look forward to fixing the rest of the little CSS bugs and calling this complete!

Autumn Riverwood
18 Jul, 2023 15:22

5 stars, read it like five times over to my cat and she liked it a lot! This is an amazing article, and that CSS is incredible! The art was adorable as well! :D

18 Jul, 2023 18:13

Aw thank you Autumn! I will definitely include this in the book reviews :D <3

18 Jul, 2023 19:58

Aah! What can I say? Between the cute, stick-figure-y drawings, simple yet beautiful prose, the clear explaination of the gods' personalities and the main relationships, humanising them... you have me at a loss.   My favourite god is T'Kalia, I love and hate how you presented him... it makes you want to hug him. And he never told Xiuthan... that's the hardest part for me. Neither of them knew. They could've told each other, settled for being friends... but they never got to. It doesn't help how you made him look (probably unintentionally) like a robot.   Favourite illustration? Miyu going into 'shiny' mode when she's given her gift by the Winter Giants. Between her killing an innocent Dimiti and not stopping after, I didn't expect this setting to make me feel warm and fuzzy for her. Second up is Qetzel with stretchy arms because I also thought I'd never like Qetzel. Although, his name is similair to pretzel...   I think that Sharenskus and Tatete would've been friends, or maybe friendly rivals. They both are Husks close to the sea, and I can easily imagine Tatete marvelling at fish and dolphins.   Finally, as a footnote of footnotes, please could you change Dimiti's purple to be a little less dark? It'd be easier seeing his face.   (Regiment for Humanity was my first ever comment on World Anvil and I was getting stressed about it. Thanks for replying!)

18 Jul, 2023 21:19

I second the plea to lighten Dimiti's body, I first read the book with the sun shining on my screen and totally missed his facial expressions.

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19 Jul, 2023 19:17

Thank you so much!! This article was an absolute joy (and ton of work) to make, and I'm so happy with it :')   It was a blast to play with personalities and depictions of the gods, and try to imagine what they were like in their first few days of existence, long before the ultimate power they possessed shaped them into a group ready fight each other to the death. T'kalia's always been a personal favourite of mine, too :)   And yes, I can definitely change Dimiti up a bit! I can definitely see how hard his expression is to read, once I get some spare time I'll fix that up :D   (I'm honored to have received that first comment! And thank you again for another wonderful comment :D)

19 Jul, 2023 09:27

The story book is a wonderful amazing way to present this article, and obviously magick of the most mastered and bargained for kind. CSS and you clearly have some kind of private arrangement, and I expect you shall never tell what it costs you to keep the gremlin servants of such a beast satisfied and out of you work :P   In all seriousness, such a fun take on this prompt, and coming up with a real legit adorable children's book take is a stroke of brilliance!

Keon Croucher, Chronicler of the Age of Revitalization
19 Jul, 2023 19:18

I have been sworn to secrecy by the CSS dark gods that I have a pact with, unfortunately :'(   Kidding, I'm happy to talk CSS any time xD   And thank you so much! <3

21 Jul, 2023 16:18

This is SO amazing! I love it so much! Here's a review: "When I'm scared of the god-husks, I read my book and instead of feeling scared, I feel sad! They were maybe people just like us, so maybe they can stop being sad and be friends again one day? I pray to them that they'll just be happy and take care of us again!" -Little Boy, Aged 7, Drowned in a wave from Sharkensus Stride

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Thank you so much Chris! <3 :D I've added the amazing review to the randomized rotation of them :D

22 Jul, 2023 21:45

This is soooooo cool and I love it.   That's all I have to say. Five stars!

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24 Jul, 2023 18:31

Yay! Thank you so much!

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E. Christopher Clark
20 Aug, 2023 15:31

You created a whole, gosh-darned flippable book—and it’s good! That’s what I love about your work the most, that it’s not just the flashiness of great design but that the design is made to highlight well-written prose.

21 Aug, 2023 18:44

Thank you Chris! :D   Truth be told, I am itching to get back and edit this one after the awards ceremony. I'd love to work on the story book a bit more and really let it shine!

26 Aug, 2023 05:02

Wow! This is super impressive! I love the book--great for teaching the story of creation, numbers, and practicing rhyming.

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28 Aug, 2023 02:31

Thank you so much! <3 I have included your review as one of the randomized ones that appear behind the book now as well :D

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