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Graceful Goddess of combat; she who sways

There's an old saying among our people, you know. They say if you watch Miyu long enough, you will reach perfect serenity. You will become one with the wind, and none shall harm you ever again.
— Village Elder within Kuksoo, Hansun
  In the western highlands of Vir Tenera stands Miyu; 350m tall, 400m tall if she still had her head, with a massive hole through the center of her chest. She stands with one foot in front of the other, as if she was ready to defend against any attack. Miyu stays in this position, swaying back and forth as if a torrential wind buffeted her from all sides. Every so often, in whatever twisted sense of awareness the God-husk has, Miyu will see something and attack. She will switch her stance and become a blur as she swipes and pierces invisible attackers all around her with her twin spears, leaving massive destruction in her wake.   The people of Hansun, the country that takes up 95% of land on the continent of Vir Tenera, have both a great fear and great respect for Miyu. Due to the God-husks propensity to fall in "berserk" moods, they give her a wide berth, choosing instead to study and worship the God-husk from afar.  

Combat Mastery Depicted In Art

Throughout most of the main villages and cities of Hansun are temples dedicated to the worship of Miyu. In nearly every temple, one can find tapestries and artwork depicting Miyu in her God-husk state, shown in various poses that come from her regular swaying motions. In very few of the temples, mostly ones located in capital cities and cultural hot-spots, one can find artwork of Miyu from before The Seven Day War.
Such artwork varies from piece to piece in art style, tone, and subject, but remains the same in two key areas; Miyu is always depicted in
combat, and her face is always obscured.
While the rest of Cathedris refuses to acknowledge this artwork as fact, due to it not originating from The Comprilith, the people of Hansun take it as gospel. To them, Miyu has always been a god of combat, of strife, and of perseverance. They believe their artwork to be completely true -- so strong is their conviction that not even the entire rest of the world's incredulity will not sway them.   Part of the reason the rest of Cathedris refuses to acknowledge the artwork from Hansun as fact is because no image nor description of Miyu before her death have ever been located in the Comprilith.

This fact combined with no artwork from Hansun even showing an unobscured face for Miyu means most experts believe no corroborating images will ever be found.

SCRAPS FROM The Comprilith

  • In shaky handwriting, a short list of Gods killed by Miyu during the war.
  • Ancient speculation from onlooking mortals, regarding Miyu's endlessly ongoing rivalry with the God Avartarian, before the war.
  • An entire weapon rack of replica weapons, modeled after Miyu's own twin spears -- known as the Unnamed Twins.
  • A glass jar, said to contain a single tear from the Goddess Miyu.
  • Birth

    The 14th of the Days of Creation

    Kill Count

    3 gods killed during The Seven Day War.


    Died on 6th day of The Seven Day War.

    Killed by

    Decapitated by the God Avartarian.

    Present-day Power


    For 95 days out of 100, Miyu stands in one spot, her feet planted, never moving. Her body remains in the same spot, but swaying to and fro, as if resisting some unending wind only she could feel. Residents of Hansun who spend their time watching the God-husk believe she goes through patterns, with specific poses. These specific poses form the basis of the combat art known as Yuai Do.


    Unless one counts the generation of more practitioners of Yuai Do as "Godly Creation", Miyu is not found to create anything anymore.

    Awareness and Destruction

    Miyu's level of awareness is intertwined with her destructive power. Her awareness of her surroundings is very low, yet tainted with memories of battle. She appears drawn to one specific spot within Hansun, and every so often she goes berserk and begins attacking any within sight -- including her very ground she stands on.

    War and Death

    The Unnamed Twins

    Two massive spears, each near perfect copies of each other. Each spear pierces through Miyu's forearms, whilst the god retains a firm grip on the protruding shafts. The shafts of the spears appear to be one solid piece of wood -- what sort of tree had to have existed to produce a trunk the size of these spears is currently unknown. Each spear is approximately 300m in length, tipped with a simple bronze coloured spear head on one end. Battle scars mar the spears near the head, but most appear to be entirely superficial, aside from one large crack running up the length of Miyu's right-hand spear.


    Maximum Potential

    Popular rumors depict the Unnamed Twins as extremely powerful twin weapons with a myriad of powers. Most commonly, these rumors refer to the spears ability to either extend their reach, or retract. As one spear would grow in length, its twin would shorten, allowing their wielder great flexibility in how to use the weapons.


    Current Power

    Only rumors of the Unnamed Twins Maximum Power exist -- and these rumors have never been confirmed, as the weapons appear to exhibit no powers in current times. Many speculate the powers, if they originally existed, are still working, but require a living God to activate.
    I don't think she was perfect. I don't. She killed Dimiti after all -- and Dimiti wasn't considered to be a part of the war at the time. But I think she had her reasons for everything. I think she had a plan, before it all went to shit.
    here for bonus info
    — From the Foreword to "On War and Death", by Imin Essa.
      Miyu proved herself to be one of the most dangerous Gods during The Seven Day War, taking the lives of 3 other gods quite handily. It was when she murdered Dimiti that she painted a target on her own back, however. That swift, brutal action of stabbing Dimiti in the back drew the ire of two Gods in particular: Qur the Sun God, and The First Knight Avartarian. Both of them left their respective continents to face Miyu on Vir Tenera. A brief altercation resulted in Qur blasting a hole straight through Miyu's chest; however, this seemed to not even slow her down at all. Qur, his power dwindling, was forced to flee -- leaving Avartarian alone to finish off Miyu.  

    Hazard Zone

    Avartarian won the battle between himself and Miyu. The armored god ended up decapitating Miyu with a quick, strong swing of his massive sword. Miyu's body was left standing in that spot, frozen in the moment, yet still swaying, back and forth, forever. Avartarian returned to his home on Volsinki; what he did with Miyu's head is unknown, as no record has ever been found detailing what happened after the battle.   The area Miyu still stands is considered an extremely hazardous zone. As civilization slowly re-built its self after the war, the land surrounding Miyu has been entirely avoided. Humans and wildlife naturally built their roads and paths around Miyu, due to her occasional moments of berserking. During these times, she would leap into action, stabbing and smashing anything near her. The ground shows huge scars from the Unnamed Twins, as Miyu stabbed them all the way down to bedrock. The area is devoid of any large flora, with only short grass and shrubbery managing to grow near the dangerous God-husk.  

    Yuai Do

    In between these episodes of rage and phantom combat, Miyu is relatively peaceful. Residents of Hansun take pilgrimages from all across the country to come and watch the gods. Practitioners of Yuai Do take particular interest in this, very closely studying the God-husks swaying movements. Over the ages, masters of Yuai Do have pinpointed 73 specific poses that Miyu transitions between, in seemingly random order. These poses have become known as The Heavenly Movements, and form the core of Yuai Do. Those who practice the martial art practice holding these poses, swaying in place and moving from one to another just as their patron God-husk does.   In order to be recognized as a master of Yuai Do, a hopeful practitioner must stand for one day and one night on the outskirts of the Hazard Zone, mimicking every movement that Miyu goes through. One single mistake or misstep is considered to be total failure. Upon failing, one must go through a month long period of meditation and reflection before being considered ready to attempt the trial again.

    Cover image: by LoboStudio Hamburg


    Author's Notes

    Miyu Fan-art

    Made by Nnie!

    This INCREDIBLE art was made by the ever talented Nnie during the "Great Cathedris Husk-off" of September 2022! If you want to check out the "campaign" art drumming up support to vote for Miyu, go and check out the original post on Twitter :D   And if you happen to be reading this before the Husk-off is over, make sure to get your votes in for your favourite gods! Check out the beginning of the Husk-off!

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