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The Comprilith
Tower of knowledge across space and time
Without a doubt, the most important structure this planet has ever seen. And there's nothing you can say that'll ever convince me to go inside it.
— Archive Manager
Reaching high into the sky, and towering over even the God-husks of Cathedris, stands the Comprilith -- a collosal, ancient tower, with construction starting thousands of years ago in a time before the gods became Husks. It was a joint venture between T'kalia, god of Time and Observation, and Rak'tos, god of Space and Knowledge; intended to house knowledge and information within the greatest library the world had ever seen. However, the tower itself remains in an unfinished state; interrupted by the fighting between gods, it now stands as a reflection of its broken creators.   Stored within the Comprilith are books and scrolls, notes, letters, and even artifacts -- anything one might find in a library or museum can be found within the tower. These items come from all eras of Cathedris's history, and even some from its future.  

The Tower Grounds

The Comprilith sits near the center of the continent Enqua, a few hundred kilometers from the sea, at the intersection of two wide rivers. The land on which it sits is mostly flat, with small hills building up to mountains in the distance -- however it is heavily marred by fighting between four different God-husks in the area.   Ancient building materials lay unused next to craters and debris, all slowly being swallowed by time as the weather breaks them down and covers them with moss. New structures fill in the gaps between the land scars and abandoned bits of tower, built by humans who came after the war with the intention to explore the Comprilith, and store what they've found.
It's not so bad, living in the complex housing. Food's not bad, and easy access to the archives is a bonus. Plus with a Legion outpost, you'll never have to deal with Rendlings.
— Junior Archivist

Twisted Interior

When the fighting broke out and the gods turned to husks, the power that T'kalia and Rak'tos had invested into the Tower twisted and warped. The interior of the structure became something broken and maze-like -- rooms can appear different every time they're entered, connecting in different locations and orientations.   Upon an explorer's first foray into the tower, they might experience any number of different kinds of sprawling or complex interiors. They might walk through a grand hall lined with decaying bookshelves and mossy leather bound books, only to exit from a side door into a pristine, luxurious reading room with brass and gold accents covering everything. The longer someone remains within the tower, the more variations of rooms and interior they will find -- and the more likely they'll become lost, as Rak'tos's corrupted control over space twists reality and obfuscates all paths within the Comprilith.

Some consistencies seem to occur within the tower, however. Certain rooms always appear in the exact same state of decay, while others will always have a door that leads to the same place every time. These consist rooms more often than not feature some form of Scrawl within them -- a form of ancient graffiti in an unknown language that appears to anchor a room and render it unchanging.
What do the scrawls mean? He'an help me, we have no idea at all. And to be honest, most of us don't care to find out. All that matters is knowing which scrawl to follow to ensure you make it out alive.
— Comprilith Explorer

The Tower Duo

Rak'tos and T'kalia formed a partnership not of friendship or camaraderie, but of shared interest in recording and storing all that which could be known. The two shared almost the exact same vision, of a tower that could withstand the ages, able to keep an infinite amount of information within its endless rooms.  


In her days before becoming a God-husk, Rak'tos was known for being incredibly calculating and thoughtful. Using her powers over space and knowledge, she manipulated the tower to fit more inside than was physically possible -- when she died, that power warped inwards upon herself, resulting in endless new heads forming from the core of her being.


While Rak'tos was known for being calculating, T'kalia was known for his immense patience. Power over time let him take a step back and observe reality at multiple points, with multiple possibilities. His intention was to use this power along with Rak'tos's help to observe and retrieve knowledge from multiple points throughout history.
Space and time, working together in harmony to construct this tower. It would've been beautiful, completed -- instead, it's cursed.
— Archive Manager


While the interior of the Comprilith is ever changing, some things remain similar or constant enough for explorers to take notice and record them. Some rooms, objects, or paths have been found enough times that they've become familiar landmarks within the twisted tower.  

Comprilith Scrawl

If a room or area is thought to be a constant, appearing on multiple expeditions, it's likely because it features a certain Scrawl somewhere within it. These Scrawls are an ancient, yet undecyphered language, that seem to anchor certain areas, preventing them from appearing in different orientations or states of decay.   There are 378 known Scrawls, each with their own room or set of rooms tied to them, creating a few hundred safe places among an infinite amount of different configurations.

Ongoing Series

Explorers often find works of fiction among the endless historical documents and informative books -- many of varying quality. However, there's one series of fiction books that's become incredibly popular, not for how well written they are, but for how prolifically the volumes appear.   Known as the "Godship" series, it seems to be a near infinite series of fictional romance novels written by an unknown author. Each book is roughly 100 pages long, and details increasingly complex courtships of the various gods before they became husks. Every book is numbered by the author, and given a title that often indicates the main focus of the book, such as "#57 - Tickling T'kalia's Heart".   Strangely, some of the later issues are about the gods as husks, suggesting that the series is ongoing. It's become a bit of a collectors series, and a friendly competition exists between explorers to find the most books from the series.  
You haven't fully lived if you've never read "#377 - He'an's Holy Hind".
— Junior Archivist

Distorted Time

I swear! I was only in there a few days, there's no way I missed your birthday.
— Comprilith Explorer, in hot water
If Rak'tos's broken nature twists the very space within the Comprilith, T'kalias warps the passage of time. Thus, exploring the tower can take a varying amount of time -- someone may think that they've spent minutes within the tower, only to emerge days later. More than one explorer has entered the tower, only to never return. Alternatively, some have entered only to emerge mere seconds later, yet appearing decades older.

Known Paths

While varying wildly, the flow of time within the Comprilith is not totally unpredictable -- there are certain features inside that help anchor an explorer to a static timeline. Following certain scrawls through a familiar path is the main method, as it helps to ensure minimal time slippage. Alternatively, keeping a physical connection to the outside world via a long string or rope will allow the explorer to stay tied to time outside the tower, at the cost of limiting their movement.

T'kalia's Sands

T'kalia still resides near the Comprilith; run through with his own spear during the civil war, he's in a eternal state of decay. From his wound seeps a fading, temporal sand, like a broken hourglass that never ends. This sand is collected and stored in glass jars, though it doesn't last long -- fading from existence within a few days, depending on the amount. If someone takes a container of T'kalia's sand into the Comprilith with them, they can remain tethered to the outside flow of time.

Comprilith Explorers

Is it dangerous? Yeah, of course it is. But it's also incredibly fascinating, and infinitely rewarding -- the things I've seen, you wouldn't believe.
— Comprilith Explorer
Not just anyone can enter the Comprilith to explore and find knowledge; because of the high likelihood of become lost forever, the governments of Theah Prieah and Raktana limit who has access to the tower. One must be certified to explore, and provide proof of planning in order to depart on an expedition. There are multiple companies ranging in size that help with this -- providing certification for tourists, or hiring full time explorers for ongoing operations.   Some brave the tower for the thrill of adventure and discovery, going in as guided tourists and coming out with a wish to make it their full time occupation. Others do it for the prestige, aiming to become famous for climbing the highest, finding the most, or remaining inside the longest.

Public Perception

For some of the general public of Cathedris, the Comprilith explorers are to be revered and celebrated -- others view them derisively, seeing their actions as sacrilegious and dangerous, retrieving knowledge that should not be known. This split of opinion can be found on other topics related to the Comprilith and its explorers as well; the very truth of the knowledge found is often called into question by skeptics and detractors of the industry.

Fame and sometimes fortune

Still, there's a great enough percentage of people that celebrate the explorers that some have the opportunity to become famous for what they do. So called "Master Explorers", they've become celebrities, known for daring escapades and incredible finds.   Some of these famous few have even gone on to turn their experiences into successful book deals or radio shows.
I only had a few hours left of my sand. In there alone, my team vanished days ago. All hope was lost -- but then I saw it, the Red Declaration Scrawl. I was safe.
— Cearan Potts, Famous Explorer

Scraps from the Comprilith

The tower itself is generally regarded as a poor place to store things; there's no consistent system of organization, and it's far too easy to become hopelessly lost. Thus it's the task of Comprilith Explorers to brave the twisted interior, going in to retrieve anything that they might deem useful. Known as Scraps, these documents, artifacts, and other objects are removed and systematically stored within the climate-controlled Archival Complex on the tower grounds.
These Scraps are most commonly things from Cathedris's past -- historical documents, books, accountings and more, all collected by T'kalia and Rak'tos during construction. The historical date of these objects ranges from long ago, before the gods ever existed, all the way up to modern times. Rarely, something is found that appears to be from the future as well, allowing for great leaps in technological advancement whenever found -- however these Scraps are difficult to verify.

  It's often hard to tell what time period a Scrap is from. They can appear in various states of decay, and don't always include a date on them. It's up to the Archivists to figure out the age and worth of each Scrap, something they spend an incredible amount of time doing within the Archives.
Some scraps have been directly responsible for huge leaps in technology for Cathedris -- the usage of Electricity is widely attributed to a single pamphlet found within the Comprilith, briefly detailing the ways energy can transfer between sources. On the other hand, many setbacks have occurred due to mistakenly believing a Scrap to be fact, rather than fiction. Some people with ulterior motives have used this fact to sew misinformation campaigns, weakening public trust in not only things found within the Comprilith, but science as a whole.

The Scraps

We've put together a small introductory collection to the Comprilith, of various things one might find within. Please feel free to peruse these objects, and allow me to answer any questions and provide any additional detail you might like.
— Master Archivist
~Hover your mouse over the objects on the left, and a description of them will appear on the right!~

Set of kitchen knives made in the style of Avartarian's sword, Serikene.

Absolutely lovely build quality with incredible detailing, but dull as can be. A butter knife'd be sharper.
— Master Archivist

A set of three children's books, detailing how Avartarian received his title of "The First Knight".

My favourite of the three is easily "Choppity Boppity", but its rating as a children's book is questionable. Might help explain why Artazians are the way they are, though.
— Master Archivist

A lump of metal thought to be a piece of Serikene, Avartarian's sword.

What's intriguing is that this lump of metal appears to display regenerative properties. Any scratching or marring of the surface vanishes a short time later. Pieces ripped off appear to decay and reform on the main lump, however.
— Master Archivist

Vague information about some monsterous properties of Ichor.

There appears to be no mention of Catalurgy anywhere within this article. Not only that, but we've never found a single reference to it in the entire Comprilith. The only Ichor related documents are ones like this, referring to the way it creates Rendlings.

Various written agreements, each overseen and signed by Dimiti.

Evelyn the Brash shall give up half of all crop harvests every year from now on, giving them to Erewynn the Quiet for her work in saving the farmstead and ensuring prosperity.   Signed; Dimiti

An example agreement is listed above. Most of these agreements were all found in the same place, stashed behind a series of entirely unrelated books.
— Master Archivist

A stone tablet featuring a mostly obscured declaration from Dimiti.

...llow the law of Dimiti, withou...

Regrettably, this is all we're able to interpret from this old tablet. We're not sure if it's some important decree, or directions, as some roads back then were named after Dimiti as well.
— Master Archivist

The 4th personal log from Dimiti.

Day of triump, the 4th Personal Log of Dimiti Recorded by Anderon the Scribe   Three cases overseen, and three fair judgements decreed. Citizens appear frustrated at first, but accepting in the end.   Tomorrow will be a hard day.

This is the only personal log of Dimiti, or really any of the gods, that we've ever found. The very brief look into the mind of one of the gods before they turned husk has sparked intense interest in finding more.
— Master Archivist

An unsigned love letter to the god He'an.

My Dearest He'an,   I wish to remain in your presence for all eternity. Your soft skin and flowing hair glow for all the world to see, and I bask in your beauty. Your calming presence soothes my aching heart, and every night I dream only of you. I only want to hear your music, your voice, for the remainder of my years.   Yours, Henri

We're not actually sure if this letter was ever delivered to He'an or not. It's also not the only one of its kind -- believe it or not, but we've got thousands of love letters to He'an back here.
— Master Archivist

Three large coils of silver twine, though to be He'an's hair.

This twine exhibits some extraordinary strength -- far stronger than anything we've been able to make. When pulled taught and plucked, a most wonderous sound is emitted. Still, some are unconvinced that it's actually some of He'an's hair, and argue it must be some kind of recreation.
— Master Archivist

A list of presumed kills by Miyu during the god's civil war.

I fear for my life, but must record this:  
  • Rak'tos
  • Tatete
  • Dimiti
  • Q--
  • Wait, no, another is coming to-

    The handwriting on this note is exceptionally shaky, suggesting the author wrote it in a hurry. We think the author might've been there to witness the fight between Qur, Avartarian, and Miyu, near the end of the war.
    — Master Archivist

      Speculation on Miyu's rivalry with Avartarian.

    They appear to be competing for some reason...   But for what, I cannot be sure. Glory? Victory? Bragging rights?   They seem to compete via combat the most, in "friendly" bouts, but more and more often lately they stray dangerously close to killing one another.

    This speculation appears to come from regular human onlookers, spectating the endless rivalry between Miyu and Avartarian, before the war.
    — Master Archivist

    One spear out of a set of human sized replicas of Miyu's spears.

    When we found these spears, they were still somehow covered in fresh blood, despite being located deep within the Comprilith. Incredibly unsettling find. Great spears, though.
    — Master Archivist

    A jar said to contain some of Miyu's tears.

    He'an's tears formed lakes that people tell myths about. Miyu's were captured in a bottle and stored in the Comprilith. Not sure what that says about either of the gods.
    — Master Archivist

    A large white stone, thought to be one of Qur's lost teeth.

    It looks like he took really great care of his teeth. Not sure why this one was replaced with a gold tooth.
    — Master Archivist

    A cracked tablet with vague information on Qur's abdominal tubing.

    "... and it glows with the most mighty luster, which is representative of the power that the ... posses..."

    We think this is referring to the liquid within Qur's tubes, but we can't be certain. The liquid in those tubes doesn't appear to glow or exhibit any lustrous qualities, but we believe it might have before Qur's death.
    — Master Archivist

    A nearly entirely decomposed book about Sharenskus with only one readable portion.

    "...Sharens.. ... ...Sword: The endless Katana, Meyanten"

    This single partial quote, the only readable portion of this entire book, is the only source that gives us the name of Sharenskus's sword. Some don't trust this fact because it's got no corroborating evidence.
    — Master Archivist

    The main book on Sharenskus.

    Sharenskus and the Winter Giants Tales of friendship and woe, and overcoming struggles to become stronger in the end. The relationship between Sharenskus, Codod, and Farad.

    The amount of detail this book goes into is something to admire. It really showcases what a strong working relationship the three gods shared. It's therefor absolutely heartbreaking to know that Sharenskus was the one to kill both Codod and Farad.
    — Master Archivist
    An exceedingly large hardcover book known as "The Infested Decade".
    "A period of intensely increased Rendling activity. Dimiti, the great unbalanced God-husk of the shattered isles, appeared restless -- moving and shifting positions nearly endlessly for this time frame. The liquid on his back sloshed out constantly, and the stream of new Rendlings was never ending."
    This book is a heafty volume, detailing all the pain that humanity had to go through during the worst period of Rendling activity the planet has ever seen. The book also serves as an example of records from after the godly civil war being found within the Comprilith. At least, we think -- there's no other records of this decade of pain, and we really hope it's not something from the future.
    — Master Archivist.

    The Comprilith
    Tower of knowledge across space and time

    The Tower Grounds

    Dull gray panelling breaks up the royal blue cladding on the building in front of you. It stretches upwards, through the clouds, high enough that you can barely see the top of it far above. There's parts of the facade missing here and there -- the tower is obviously in an unfinished state.   You've come to the Comprilith, the greatest building that Cathedris has ever seen. Its architects and would be caretakers, Rak'tos and T'kalia, are within eyesight -- an easy thing, as the God-husks are nearly as tall as the Comprilith itself.   Your purse feels lighter than usual after buying all the supplies for this solo journey. Most exploration is done in sanctioned groups, and is not for profit -- but you need the money, and know some people that'll pay dearly for trinkets and info from within this tower.
    You really, really shouldn't be going in alone. But if you're sure... and as long as no one sees you... I'll make an exception, just this once. Just for friends.
    — Your Friend, a Comprilith Certifications Officer
      The words echo within your mind, as you pick a path between the various buildings within the archival complex on the tower grounds. He'an glows brightly in the night sky above, illuminating your path, and making it feel as if you have their blessing protecting you on this solo journey into the Comprilith. Using the soft light and dark shadows, you make it to the entrance undetected. The double doors loom in front of you, gold finery decorating them -- you reach your hand out and grab one of the handles.
    You've assembled a checklist of everything that you'll need inside.
    Food supplies
    Enough good stuff for a couple days, along with some flavourless dried "nutritional" reserves to last you weeks... just in case.
    One electronic lantern -- the good kind, from Sellig n' Sons. Good for 12 hours, so they say. Still, you've brought a smaller oil lantern with a couple refills, should you find yourself unexpectedly in the dark.
    Two whole jars of temporal sand, straight from T'kalia -- nearly cost you your life's savings. Should tie you to the outside flow of time for a week, if all goes well.
    One thick one for sleeping, one thin one you can wear around your shoulders should you get cold. Both made by your sister. She could probably charge serious money for these.
    Enter the Comprilith

    Twisted Space within the Tower

    There's three things you absolutely need to watch out for while you're in there. Try and stay near one hub room and return to it often, don't let the layout change on you. Keep the most common Scrawls in mind and look out for more. And finally, keep an eye on your sand.
    — Your Friend, a Comprilith Certifications Officer
    The first thing that hit you is the smell -- it's surprisingly damp and musty smelling in here. It's darker inside too -- He'an must have been providing more light than you realized. It only takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim lighting inside; in front of you stretches a long dirty corridor, half decayed pieces of paper filling the sides of the path.   Doorways are dotted along the walls seemingly at random, and as your gaze drifts down the hall taking in the different paths you can take, you notice the corridor curves slightly to the right, obscuring the true length of it. You shrug and pick a door at random.

    Glancing through the door, you see an exceptionally long corridor. It's dirty, with half decayed pieces of paper all over the floor -- and it seems to be curving gently to the left. You have a feeling that if you went through this door, and walked to the end of the corridor, you might find yourself right back where you started. This is going to be a lot harder to find your way around than you expected.   You close the door, and walk down the hallway a bit farther, looking for any other path to take. You idly grab one of your two jars of sand out of your pack, glancing at it - - half of it is already gone.
      Wait, how long has it been?

    Lost in Time

    The sight of a quarter of your sand being gone sends you reeling. It can't have been almost two days in here already, could it? You only opened a single door! As if on cue, your stomach rumbles and you feel as if you hadn't eaten in a while. Perturbed, you use your free hand to grab a sandwich from your bag and take a bite, leaning against a dirty wall for support. You bring the jar of sand up to eye level and shake it around a bit. You need to very carefully plan your way through here you realize.  
    One hand always on your sand.
    — Common Comprilith Explorer Saying
    Should've listened to those stupid saying your friend kept rattling off when he was helping you pack. They sounded like bedtime stories to help kids feel safe, not something an honest explorer would need to keep in mind!   You estimate that you've got enough sand for 4 more days in here. One hand wrapped tightly around the jar, keeping it in your peripheral vision, you push yourself up vertical again, and start down the hallway once more. Scanning left and right, you begin to search for anything that stands out to you -- there's gotta be something in here you can find that'll make you some money.
      Empty. Every room you've found so far has been empty. There were three massive grand hall kind of rooms you checked, each with shelves stripped entirely bare. There was one exceptionally ornate reading room you found, with brass tables and light fixtures, and fine dark wood shelving loaded with books -- but every single book was just an exact copy of some decades old dictionary.   You had been exploring as carefully as you could, as well, never going more than one room away from the first main hallway you entered into. It's been tempting to delve further, though. Many rooms you've checked have had multiple other doors leading from within them, and you're starting to think that if you want to find anything exceptional, you're going to need to get a little bit lost.
    After two more empty rooms, and one example of really rude graffiti (as far as you can tell, it wasn't even a Scrawl), you've decided it's time to take some risks. You walk back down the corridor a bit, returning to one of the rooms you saw before with the multiple other doors leading elsewhere. There was one that caught you eye -- painted entirely black, with ocher detailing around the frame.
    You cross the room and put your hand on the door, lightly pushing.
    The door opens smoothly...

    Who are you?

    You're greeted with the sounds of a conversation abruptly halting. There's a brief pause before a voice rings out.
    Who's there?
    — Unknown
      You're not supposed to be here. If that's an official team, and they find out you snuck in by yourself, both you and your friend are in serious trouble.
    You turn heel and run, back the way you came. Panic fills your mind and you don't even notice that the room looks different from before as you dash around tables and dive quickly through door after door, hoping to lose whoever it was in the maze of rooms you tear through. It's not long before you're pretty certain you're safe -- there's no way they followed you through all that. Though you're also pretty certain that you're entirely lost.
    You quickly shout "No one!" and slam the door. "That was stupid" you think, as you begin to flee. You hear the sounds of chairs scraping as people quickly sit up in the other room, and so you flip over some small tables on your way in order to make following you harder. You're about to exit the door you came in from when you realize you've left a clear indication of your path -- glancing around, you quickly double back and take a different door.
    'Who's THERE?" you call in return, in your most official sounding voice. Chairs scrape on stone as whoever was in the room quickly gets to their feet. You lean in and glance around, just in time to see a pair of unknown explorers dashing away, vanishing into a dark doorway on the other side of the room. They've left some belongings behind -- a simple coat, a pair of gloves, and a couple half eaten fruit. Picking the gloves up, you decide to follow them.

      Your head spins as it feels like you just experienced three different realities at once. Visions of rooms, tables, doors and people fade in and out of your vision as you feel a splitting headache coming on. Blinking rapidly seems to help, and the pain begins to subside as you take in your surroundings in this new room.
    It seems like you might've finally gotten lucky. The room feels old, but not decrepit; it's tall, you can see more floors than you can count as you look up the center atrium, and all around are stacks full of books.
    What's that?

    Scraps from the Comprilith

    If you're in a room full of stacks of books, keep an eye out for the Bookender Scrawls. If you don't follow them correctly, you're going to be lost in there for years.
    — Your Friend, a Comprilith Certifications Officer

    Your friends advice plays through your mind just before you stroll down one of the aisle -- what was the advice again? Red scrawl on right, return -- arrows left for onward. You look down the row of stacks, and see a purple scrawl with three squiggly arrows through it. Keeping it to your left, you begin down the aisle, and start checking out the books.
    Boring, boring, unreadable, seen that, seen that too -- you keep a disappointing running dialogue going in your mind as you pull book after book off the shelf. There was a section of Godship books that was exciting -- the latest in the series always drew a lot of attention, but sadly the section only had numbers #589 - #722, and you'd read them all already.   It felt like nearly an hour of pointless searching before you finally found something worth your time. On the middle shelf, in the middle of another aisle you had wandered down, sat a wooden box, all alone. The wood was stained a faded purple, and was clasped shut with an ornate looking lock. You give the lock an experimental tug, and it snaps open. That was easy.
    What's in the box?
    Try again, maybe?

    A strand of long dark hair, and an old note

    The hair seems to absorb any light that lands on it, it's so dark. Your eyes are drawn to the bizarre nature of it, but you turn to the note instead. Most of it is unintelligible, but you can make out a couple names on it -- Qur, and Old King Caed.

    Three vials of red liquid

    The liquid is viscous, coating the sides of the vial you pick up as you turn it side to side. You're pretty sure it's blood. The vials each have labels on them, but they're smudged, as if someone was hastily removing information from them.

    A pink journal decorated with hearts

    It's clasped shut, with another lock holding it down. You give this lock a tug too -- no luck this time. The front of the journal has a large name tag on it, surrounded by one big heart, with the name "Axl" written.

    A black journal decorated with skulls

    On the front of it, in bold lettering, is the name "Ashley". Opening it, you're greeted with some of the worst poetry you've ever read. Page after page reveals the entire thing is full of awful, melodramatic poetry.

    A pink and black journal decorated with skulls and hearts

    It seems like there used to be a name on the front of it, but it's been scribbled out. You open it to the first page, and take note of the date -- three years from now. Flipping through the pages shows snippets of someone's future life.

    A softly glowing blue orb

    The light emanating from the orb isn't constant -- it's pulsating slowly, over a period of a few seconds. You can feel warmth from the orb as well. Carefully you reach out to touch it, and find it hot, but not uncomfortably so.

    An old photo album

    Most of the photos are so grainy it's hard to see any facial features. However, as you turn the pages and look at more pictures, you begin to feel like every single picture in the book is of the same person in different locations.

    Issue #1 of the Godship books

    You blink. Holding He'an's Hand? It's the most common book to find, but it's also always in horrid condition, nearly falling apart. This one is in near perfect condition -- absolutely a collectors item.

    A severed hand

    Blood pools slowly from where the hand was presumably once attached to an arm. The fingers are twitching -- it seems as if it was just removed from a still living host.

    A large amount of gold and silver rings

    A most wonderful musical twinkling sound floats to your ears as you rummage through them. It's the sound of wealth beyond dreams. You shove a ring on every finger, and dump the rest into your bag.
    You close the box, suddenly concerned. When was the last time you checked your sand? Concern turns to fear as you realize you don't even know where the jar is anymore.  


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    Backgrounds by:

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  • Gabriel Ghnassia
  • Will van Wingerden
  • Jez Timms
  • Hieu Vu Minh
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    This is incredibly well done, I love it so much!   Well done on completing this project, I'm glad you did!

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    9 Sep, 2021 18:18

    Thank you so much, I'm really happy to hear that! :)

    9 Sep, 2021 21:53

    Simply amazing! A CSS Master Piece!

    9 Sep, 2021 23:26

    Thank you so much Gray! It was a joy to create it :D

    12 Sep, 2021 20:38

    I demand at least 722 volumes of Godship, like, immediately.   This is such fantastic work, Stormbril. You should be so proud of yourself. I love the shelf with all the objects on - so many interesting things I want to know more about!

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
    12 Sep, 2021 21:14

    Immediately?? I'm gonna have to hire some guest writers, asap D:   Thank you so much, I'm so happy to read that :) Fun fact about that shelf -- each one of those Scraps comes from another article that contains a "Scraps from the Comprilith" section! There's no more actual info on the scraps themselves, sadly, but the connection exists :D   Thank you as always <3

    13 Sep, 2021 19:24

    This is just fantastic CSS use once again. Wow ... just wow.

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    14 Sep, 2021 02:31

    I don't know anything about Cathedris, but the storywork is excellent!

    14 Sep, 2021 16:45

    I'm very pleased to hear that the storywork is excellent! :D There's lots to check out in this world, if it interests you, take a look around if you feel like it! :) I recommend starting with God-husks!

    Sage Dylonishere123
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    25 Sep, 2021 04:06

    My god. This is beautiful. Like right out the gate I love this introduction sequence you have here, and the interactive elements. I wish I had half the skill and time you do man. Even the things you give for free dont always work and I just dont have the brain for it. Oof, My worlds are missing out, but as always, cathedris is just top notch. Well done there.   Jumping right in I love the artwork. The image if the two gods is just awesome. The discussions on the tower itself, while long, held my attention perfectly. The quotes were excellent, especially the hot water comment. That got a good laugh.   The story of the construction and the towers parts are great. But my favorite part thus far is the artifacts. I loved reading about them. A large stone that could be the tooth of Qur... yessss!         Ohhhh this is unexpected... a story?! Well done. Let's see how this goes. It almost has a choose your own adventure vibe to it.   The images you've chosen to head each... I'll call them slides... is spot on. This is an immersive experience. How long exactly did this take. Good lord.     Excellent use of quotes there to express dialogue! I like that you use them for the unknowns as well as these callbacks to our friend, the certifications officer.     What?! It just ends! Nooooo.   So now that I've reached the end, I do wanna congratulate you here. That was just damn cool. I've entertained the idea but actually doing it?! WELL DONE! I cant even figure out how you have pages on a single article... slides? Pages? Irrelevant. I had a great time with this and hope its continued soon.   I wish I had more to say. This deserves more, but oof. It's awesome and inspiring. Oh wait. I also like the randomizer with the box. I almost missed it but it's awesome that trying again yields different results.

    26 Sep, 2021 20:17

    Oh wow, this is a beef and INCREDIBLE comment, thank you so much Dylon! <3 I'm really really glad you liked it so much -- as you guess, a ton of work went into setting this all up xD (It's all written in the vignette and the BBCode/containers are a nightmare to find my way through ahahah)   Also your worlds are missing nothing, they're an incredible source of inspiration for me <3   The scraps were a blast to write and make, too -- they're all actually referenced in other articles across this world too! :D   I am ABSOLUTELY going to finish the story portion, too! I've really wanted to try writing CYOA stuff, and this was my first test at it. I really respect your story writing skills, so knowing that you liked it gives me a lot of energy to write more on it :D   So once again, thank you so much my friend <3

    31 Oct, 2021 13:05

    ... Wow. Just... wow. The CSS tricks on this are mindboggling, it's impressive how you always find new ways to show us what is possible. And the lore in the article is awesome as well - gotta love locations where our laws of time and space don't work. I like how much planning and certification has to go into expeditions, and the strategies for anchoring explorers to the outside time. The different scraps you show us are fascinating, and I chuckled at the idea of a romance series about the Gods before their huskification.   The interactive story is wonderful. I hope it will be continued - I don't wanna be stuck in there! ... Oh well, at least I got those vials of blood keeping me company until then.

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    Thank you!! :D I'm really so very proud of how it all came together, and overjoyed that the effort is appreciated so much by everyone :')   The story will absolutely be continued! It might get its own continuation article, not sure yet, but it'll happen at some point for sure xD

    6 Nov, 2021 16:35

    Quite interesting. Seemed to end up with 3 vials of blood but I couldn't progress past that point.

    9 Nov, 2021 19:57

    Thank you! The adventure portion currently ends on a cliff-hanger, but I'm intending to give the story a worthy stand-alone finale :)

    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    25 Nov, 2021 10:52

    Amazing article, I really love how you've chosen to present it with both the full explanation and small navigation pages that let us follow an adventurer through his journey inside :D (I first had the pink journals covered with hearts at the end) This feels as if it could be developed into a full multi choices story if you're ready to deal with that level of mess :p I also love the shelves at the end of the full explanation with all the different objects and the scrap of information and speculations related to them.   I laughed at the Godship books XD I agree with Emy, I'm very intrigued by them! And even more about the identity of the author... Could it even actually be one of the gods themselves???   I've just had a sudden thought looking at your amazing illustrations: before I thought that the gods built the tower from the inside, but now it's quite obvious that they would not fit inside. Could they change their size at will or did they built it as if they were playing with Legos?   Another thing I'm intrigued about now is whether the gods knew what would happened to them if they had access to all those info about the future talking about the war. Seems like a really too big event for them not to have at least glimpse info about it... Also why there are not info about Cathalurgy at all inside the tower. Seems like it could be deliberate censure from the gods...   Regarding exploring the inside, could the governments make tons of ropes, anchor the first one outside the tower and then just attached a new rope to the old one and slowly explore the whole tower by anchoring each room to each other like that? Or would something occur to prevent that? Either with ropes, or with just people holding hands together from the outside :p   Again this was really an amazing articles, and I love all the imageries that jump to my mind about that tower when seeing your illustrations and descriptions :D

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    28 Nov, 2021 03:22

    Thank you so much Amelie! :D I've got plans and goals to absolutely create a full multi choice story, I think it'd be so much fun. I sort of have the CSS figured out, it's just the mess of getting it all working D:   Who is the author of all the Godship books? Its a myyyyysteryyyyy! If I'm ever comfortable writing smut, or even just stories in general, I'll try and write one. :P   Question answering time!  

  • Could they change their size at will or did they built it as if they were playing with Legos?
  • Definitely legos! That, and they commanded many of their followers to go in and construct/maintain/renovate the interior as it was under construction.  
  • whether the gods knew what would happened to them if they had access to all those info
  • That's a very good question! Proooooobably not -- the tower never reached completion, and so I don't think they ever fully trusted the knowledge within it. They might've seen or read something that says they'll die eventually, but dismissed it as fake.  
  • why there are not info about Cathalurgy at all inside the tower
  • It absolutely could be censorship! Or it might hint towards the unnaturalness of Catalurgy, if knowledge of it wasn't even contained within the tower of ALL knowledge. I'm not sure which route I'm going to take that train of thought yet xD  
  • Regarding exploring the inside, [...]
  • They've certainly tried ropes! But as they explored, they inevitably found themselves holding both the beginning and the end of the rope, as the ever changing interior of the Comprilith tied knots in both their rope and reality around them.   Thank you for such a lovely amazing comment, Amelie! <3 It makes my day to see this article explored and appreciated in this way :D

    10 Feb, 2022 13:16

    Hi! I've only now seen this work. Congratulations, it is an absolutely fantastic piece of work! It must have taken a huge amount of time to be done, but the result really was worth it.

    With love,   Pouaseuille.
    10 Feb, 2022 17:55

    Thank you so much! Yeah, this thing was absolutely a large amount of time and effort, but remains as one of the things I'm most proud of :')   Thanks again for the comment <3 :D

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