Manifold Sky

Manifold Sky Five-Dimensional Mechanized Action

Iknemi, Ikirsten 5, 10,000 AR (Fifth Day of the First Month, Year 10,000, Age of Reclaimation)

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In the finite confines of the Manifold, a five-dimensional world laid out across the inner surfaces of a penteract, factions vie for access to the limited arable land and mineral resources required to keep feeding civilization. Mercenary airships, aerostat skystations, and dieseltech auto-armor are the swords and shields of a many-layered multiverse teetering on the brink of war. The alien environments of realms adjacent to the city-cubes teem with untold wealth - and untold threats.

The Manifold Sky Primer
Generic article | Jul 26, 2022

Manifold (agglutinate, derived from particles many and fold)
  • Adjective - Of many examples or iterations (i.e. 'the manifold layers of the world').
  • Noun - The junctions through which gasses are transported into and out of an internal combustion engine
— Selected entries from the New Eliov Dictionary