Manifold Sky

Iknemi, Ikirsten 5, 10,000 AR (Fifth Day of the First Month, Year 10,000, Age of Reclaimation)

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The Manifold Sky encompasses a five-dimensional realm, with nested and adjacent cubes each a world unto itself. In the finite confines of the Manifold, factions vie for access to the limited arable land and mineral resources required to keep feeding civilization. Mercenary airships, aerostat skystations, and dieseltech auto-armor are the swords and shields of a many-layered multiverse teetering on the brink of war. The alien environments of realms adjacent to the city-cubes teem with untold wealth - and untold threats.  
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  • An intrepid band of privateers has been hired by the powerful Navigator's Guild to recover the Menger Catalyst, a potent chemical reagent with the power to destroy the whole of the Manifold, from the villainous, mysterious conjurer known only as The Garbage Man.
  • In their quest, the crew of a Voxelian expedition to the Distal Tesseract will discover the terrors of the outermost cubes, face dangers both of science and spirit, and, perhaps, discover the true nature of their insular cosmos.
  • In the shadowy, fungal forest of Caudal D , the Verdials - descendants of Humans inexorably fused with the symbiotic lichens of the Distal Tesseract - must find their place in a world that seeks to exploit their resources, endurance, and natural resistance to the wild diseases of the alien realm adjoining their own.

Manifold (agglutinate, derived from particles many and fold)
  • Adjective - Of many examples or iterations (i.e. 'the manifold layers of the world').
  • Noun - The junctions through which gasses are transported into and out of an internal combustion engine
— Selected entries from the New Eliov Dictionary
The Manifold Sky Primer
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