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The Manifold Sky Primer

The Manifold Sky multiverse is a non-Euclidean realm beset by dieselpunk intrigue and war - an adventuresome world where untold riches and furious danger await the bold, clever, and unscrupulous in the unexplored frontiers.

A World Unfolded

The demesnes of the Humans, Verdials, Rostrans, and Ovinex are situated within the Manifold, a region of five-dimensional space where the land is folded up into cubes which interconnect in surprising ways. While the science of electronics has stagnated, the combined technologies of mechanical computers, internal combustion engines, and flight have given birth to the dieseltech age. As the various nations of The Human Arc fight over limited resources in the War of Reunification - under the ubiquitous gaze of the Navigator's Guild - The Garbage Man and his 125 Hands lurk in unexplored cubes and plot apocalyptic revenge for the sins of the past...
Voer Offur by Artbreeder
...a land of eversions, eighty world-layers interleaved across five dimensions...
— Vor Ophor's footnotes to the Manifold Sky Compendium

Nations in Conflict

With resources at a premium, every nation in the Manifold must fight to stave off stagnation. State are unified and divided over the one thing that overrides ideology: the hunger for resources. Read More About Nations in the Manifold

Navigator's Guild

Navigator's Guild Standard by BCGR_Wurth
A nation in scope if not in definition, the Guild oversees all aspects of inter-cube travel with cold, dispassionate expertise. To control the world, control its veins.


Voxelian Standard by BCGR_Wurth
The oldest Human nation, expansionist inheritors to the legacy of the Gods of Irony. The jesters have taken over the court.

Manifold Conservation Society

MCS Flag by BCGR_Wurth
A benevolent faction hellbent on protecting the peoples and creatures of the Manifold from their own destructive tendencies. There is no escape.

Free Faces League

Free Faces League Standard by BCGR_Wurth
A republic of liberty-minded descendants of Voxelian frontiersmen. Self-sufficiency is more important than peace.

Commonwealth of C

Commonwealth of C.png
Commonwealth of C Flag by BCGR_Wurth
A computer-augmented republic where merit and mutual benefit hold sway. No one is perfect, but machines can get us close.


Craterhold Unity Flag by BCGR_Wurth
A nation of free-living folk and noble houses experimenting with unusual social forms. Evolution is good, even when it hurts.

New Cobalt Protectorate

New Cobalt Protectorate Arms by BCGR_Wurth
A reclusive, meritocratic republic founded when Rostran explorers uncovered their ancestral secrets from The Curved Time. A culture based on principle can transcend the flesh.

Rostran Archipelago Confederacy

RAC Travel Standard by BCGR_Wurth
An innovative island alliance populated by a symbiotic mix of Rostrans and Ovinex, two species once divided by mutual inter-species animosity. The universe decides our place within it.

Hermitage Island Fellowship

Hermitage Island Fellowship Flag by BCGR_Wurth
A reclusive nation of wealthy Rostran sea nomads clinging to an identity thought lost in the push for technology. Home is where the catamarans are moored.

Ovinex Island Tribes

Pan-Ovinex Banner by BCGR_Wurth
Not a whole nation, but a collection of Ovinex tribe-flocks spared destruction despite their atrocities in the Rostran-Ovinex War. Work the pasture here and now, not the pasture that could have been.

Petalcap Vale

Petalcap Vale Flag by BCGR_Wurth
A conservative Verdial nation and beacon of civilization among the perilous reaches of the poisonous Distal Tesseract. Tradition binds in the face of chaos.


Exotic Locales

The Manifold is a bizarre world of opposites, with alien environments bridged with one another through commissures - fissures in the terrestrial crust - and inflection layer - void-like regions of distorted geometry where skystations float. Most of the Manifold remains unexplored. Read More About Locations in the Manifold

Medial Tesseract

Daylit home of the Human species.

Rostral Tesseract

The hothouse home of the Rostrans and Ovinex.

Northern Tesseract

Aurora-streaked north magnetic pole of the Manifold. Bathed in particle radiation.

Dorsal Tesseract

Geologically stable region poor in useful metals or arable land.

Eastern Tesseract

Dry region where mummified secrets lie buried in the dusty earth.
Ruins in the Red Velvet Desert by Artbreeder

Distal Tesseract

Strange land bathed in ultraviolet, with alien life based on left-chiral amino acids. Home of the dreaded Distal polyps and billowing hate.

Caudal Tesseract

The frosty abode of the Verdial race.
Violet Mountains, Distal F by Artbreeder

Southern Tesseract

Aurora-streaked south magnetic pole of the Manifold. Bathed in particle radiation.

Ventral Tesseract

Geologically active landscape alive with earthquakes, magma floes, and geothermal springs.

Western Tesseract

Oceanic region rich with the only resource more valuable than petroleum: water.


Atonement or Destruction

In the year 10,000, the Manifold balances on a knifepoint.   With the accidental discovery of the Menger Catalyst, Voxelia acquired a weapon so powerful that it could obliterate all of its enemies - or, without the proper care, the entire world. The Garbage Man, a man gifted with dimension-hopping powers and raging against the major Human powers for what they did to his home city, seized the opportunity to wrest the Menger Catalyst away from its creators. Now, with the Garbage Man and the 125 Hands cult in possession of the most powerful chemical catalyst ever created, the warring nations must send agents to recover it before disaster befalls the Manifold.   In pursuing the Catalyst, the people of the Manifold must atone for the sins of the past or face total destruction.
Cyrus A. Vinge by Artbreeder
Look at you! So confident in your hold over the world, so eager to destroy yourselves with your pretty new toys. How fortuitous for you, then, that we've come to help you along...
— The Garbage Man, originally Cyrus A. Vinge, upon breaking into the Vianne Tributaries Facility

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Author's Notes

The Manifold Sky will eventually serve as a setting for short stories, novels, and tabletop role-playing modules. Please keep an eye on this space for updates on Manifold Sky related content as it becomes available. Thanks to my friends, family, and subscribers for your continued support!

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